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Post #5000: if Huskies and HHBers were Game of Thrones Characters

GladstoneGladstone Posts: 11,760
Swaye's Wigwam 10000 Comments 250 Answers 500 Awesomes

1. Chris Petersen is Stannis Baratheon


From his Wikipedia page:

Stannis' Petersen's personality doesn't make him an easy man to like. But Stannis Petersen knows that Kingship coaching is not a popularity contest - it is a right that he believes he is entitled to, and has shown over and over again that he will jump through whatever fiery hoops he has to, to become king be a winner, including converting his entire following to the cult of the mysterious 'Lord of Light.' 'OKGs.'

2. @DerekJohnson is King Joffrey


A tyrannical, despotic ruler who holds his will sacrosanct at the expense of everything else. We both equally fear and love him.

3. Azeem Victor is Prince Oberyn


Badass. Killer. Womanizer. Swagged out.

4. P12 referees are The Mountain


Fuck. That. Targeting. Call.

5. @CokeGreaterThanPepsi is Lord Varys


A teen boy stalker in more ways than one...they both have eyes and ears all over the land. Both are well connected and although inherently ethical and moral, will temporarily sacrifice their virtues for the greater good of the realm.

6. Jake Browning is Tommen


A well-meaning, potentially talented kid who is likely to die horribly due to the combination of shitting his pants at every crisis and being surrounded by inbred morons.

7. @GrundleStiltzkin is a raven


Grundle caw caws his way across the internet and brings the latest tweets, news, rumors, and messages to our forums. Is likely always in cohoots with @CokeGreaterThanPepsi

8. Jonathan Smith is Robin Arryn


Profoundly incompetent and intellectually stunted, Smith and Arryn are both stupidly unqualified to be in the regal positions they hold, but due to family and coaching connections have accelerated up the career path.

9. Myles Gaskin is Tyrion Lannister


From his bio:

Tyrion Myles has always faced doubts because of his size. He was deemed unfit for any ruling or relevant position getting 20+ carries against good teams merely because he was a midget. Despite proving his worth time and time again Tyrion Myles rarely won favor with his father Tywin OC Jonathan Smith, who preferred his brother Jaime Lannister teammate Dwayne Washington or his sister Cersei Lannister teammate Lavon Coleman.

10. Don James is Ned Stark


Exemplary leaders, they both were betrayed and murdered by trusted ivory tower figures. Winterfell and Husky football never recovered, with both landscapes changing forever.

11. Oregon football is the Bolton family


Long irrelevant and openly corrupt and venomous, these two factions took advantage of #10's downfall to degrees never imagined.

Too lazy to do more right now.


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