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Thoughts on WWE

PurpleJPurpleJ Posts: 24,896
Butler Cabin Supporter 10000 Comments 250 Answers Fucktard of the Week Award
Been watching for the last few weeks. Trying to get back into it. Can't. Rated PG for TV. PC culture at it's finest. Never seen so many faggots talking and not beating the shit out of each other in my life. Tac Town Tuff can't condone this bullshit any longer. Can't do it. Fucking Dean Ambrose (supposed to be a tuff dirtbag antihero type) is wearing a goddamn breast cancer ribbon and these retards keep buying tickets. Something you can bring the whole family to. Family of pussies. Bring back the sluts and beer and cussing. Bring back the AMERICA DAMMIT. Now more than ever we need Donald TRUMP to sort this shit out. And take the fucking restrictor plates out of NASCAR while he's at it. Fuck me fuck you fuck everyone.

P.S. Caught the VP debate on mute at Red Robin tonight. It was great and Pence kicked that gay dude's ass. Bottomless fries and soda ftw. Loved the 90s nostalgia decor and music.
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