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Julius Irvin, 4* 2018 DB, Anaheim (Servite), CA (Offered)



  • Yes, Servite lost its playoff game to Mission Viejo 38-36 on Friday night.
  • chuckchuck Posts: 1,553
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    Lol at the doogish blaming of *our stellar db depth being any kind of factor. 1). The depth is not that good. DB recruiting has been better than in the past, but it's only a couple of classes and not all of the guys people were excited about are panning out. UW was very lucky the past few years in that the top corners all stayed healthy, otherwise the mediocre/untested depth would have been exposed just like it is right now. 2). Elite recruits, especially at position groups that put a lot of different players on the field, aren't affected by the depth chart. If they were then programs like SC, Alabama, tosu etc would only recruit well every 3-4 years.
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