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PM to NESnake12 (and everyone else with a shitty handle)



  • HHBruhHHBruh Posts: 244
    250 Up Votes 250 Awesomes 100 Comments First Anniversary

    (While we're PMing each other...)

    No matter how bad your handle is, it's always a fucking trillion times worse if you have a number after it.

    Handles are best done like rap names. No great rapper is called 'LL Cool J71' or 'Big Dady Kane3'.

    If there's no reason to put a number at the end of your handle, skip it like a rock at the river.

    But, if you think something is necessitating you put a number in your name, consider this: If there is already an 'LL Cool J' - do you really think 'LL Cool J43' is something you should go with? If there is someone called @GoDawgs, maybe stay away from @GoDawgs1991, huh?

    Who the fuck wants to listen to 'Lil Boosie6'? Even fucking Boosie can think of variations of his name that don't necessitate a fucking number: Boosie Badazz.

    Half the fucking Wu Tang Clan had 17 fucking names:

    Prince Rakeem became the Rza, Bobby Digital and The Abbot.

    Ghostface Killah had one of the most creative names and still thought up a billion dope a/k/as like Pretty Tony (a Mack reference), Tony Starks, Iron Man, The Wallabee Kingpin...

    Amazing, 'WuTang_Rapper93' wasn't in there? No! No Gza3 either!

    Even that fucking moron Cappadonna thought of a name and didn't go with 'U-God344'.

    Even when rappers copy each other, they go with 'Lil' or 'Son of'. You may not know this, but Run from Run DMC (notice they weren't Run DMC1111) started as 'DJ Run, Son of Kurtis Blow'.

    It would definitely be a step up for @honeybadger40 to have gone with 'Son of RoadDawg' or whatever.

    If you have to use a fucking number, please make it make sense. A rapper from Ruthless Records' (NWA's label) early proteges "Above The Law" was called "Cold 187um". At least that makes sense. Like, "I'm going to cold 187 um!"

    But, when choosing a handle one good rule of thumb might be, 'if Cappadonna - who parlayed being a rapper in Wu Tang Clan into an unsuccessful stint as a cab driver in Baltimore - can think of more than 1 name without a number that isn't a copy of someone else's, shouldn't I be able to do the same thing?'


    Should be an addendum to the newcomers guide section IV shit poast, shit poaster

    Possibly a warning while signing up.

  • Swaye said:

    biak1 said:

    Swaye said:

    biak1 said:

    We are 9-0 and this is what we(?) fucking bitch about...

    Go make another podcast ffs.

    I bet his haiku is going to make fun of your name. Example:

    Biak one you fag
    adding a number is gay
    ISIS kills for less
    The pod includes haiku.

    Enough said about that.
    It's one of my favorite parts. I am such an irredeemable fag.
    @Tequilla's give a fuck attitude about the haikus is a highlight.
  • PurpleJPurpleJ Posts: 24,896
    Butler Cabin Supporter 10000 Comments 250 Answers Fucktard of the Week Award
    Is @KissTheRingBitchDawg acceptable?

    Trick question!

    NOGAF about your opinion!

    NOW MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @NEsnake12


    PS If you can't even show up in a thread where you're being called out, GTFO and stay out.
  • NEsnake12 said:



    PS If you can't even show up in a thread where you're being called out, GTFO and stay out.

  • What about @JewsDid911?

    This might be my favorite gif
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