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BasemanBaseman Posts: 4,889
Swaye's Wigwam 250 Answers 2500 Comments 500 Awesomes
Should WE? Be excited if Kirkland commits? Casey Bulyca, Morgan Roseborough and HH 1st teamer Ben Ossai come to mind when I think of Kirkland: all were big fat fucks.

When you're a really fat fuck and your dad was a jackedup roid raging piece of granite that says to me you're a fat lazy fuck who'd rather Twat, Text, Instagram and load up on Jack and the Box 2 for .99 cent tacos and a 64 oz Pepsi instead of shooting up, pumping weights, and doing box jumps.

Sochia has worked wonders with our lads but you can only motivate the motivated.

What do you pigeons think?


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