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#15 Ali Gaye



  • SwayeSwaye Posts: 21,070
    Swaye's Wigwam Solar Eclipse Donator 10000 Comments 250 Answers

    Swaye said:

    How could you find a 6'6" 260 lb African to take an SAT for you?

    Black guy walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. Bartender looks up and says "Pretty cool, where'd you get him?" Parrot looks at the bartender and says "Africa, there's millions of them."
    In the even more racist version, the bartender asks, "where'd you get that funny colored animal?"
    Heard this joke years ago, and the set up from Fremont was too perfect to pass up.
  • MrsPetersenMrsPetersen Posts: 722
    250 Answers 500 Awesomes 500 Up Votes 500 Comments
    edited October 2017

    What happened with him?

    He was at the Fresno game.. saw him outside the TBS lounge before the game.
  • AEBAEB Posts: 1,908
    Swaye's Wigwam 250 Answers 1000 Comments 500 Awesomes

    BaldwinIV said:

    What happened with him?

    What happened with him?

    SAT fraud. He didn't come to play school
    Source? Scum.
    Your mom's twat ya cunt. But seriously, I think it was @bananasnblondes that mentioned it
    Yeah. 81% was saying that Gaye's SATs got flagged because they were suspiciously good.

    Haven't heard anything since then.
    Educated Africans are intelligent? I haven't met one yet that speaks less* than 4 languages fluently

    AND FOR ALL YOU RACIST FUCKS. Africans and African Americans are not the same. Hi Kim! Africans don't get hypertension, diabetes and cancer at the same rates black Americans do while having much higher rates of Sickle cell...
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