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The closest thing we have to the Onyx Club is when UCLA comes to town

89ute89ute Posts: 1,159
Swaye's Wigwam 250 Answers 1000 Comments 500 Up Votes
8pm Mountain ESPNU


  • PurpleJPurpleJ Posts: 24,896
    Butler Cabin Supporter 10000 Comments 250 Answers Fucktard of the Week Award
    How did lovers day turn out tommy? Any special stories to share, spouts with your cheating man? I know the temptation to cheat is big on Valentines day with your type, im guilty with mine, but dont hate me. Ive dangled 2 splitskins on V-day before. Its complicated but Pumpy pulled it off, endulging in both extremes of the human color spectrum and in the same day/night.

    Let us harken back to '03, a dirty rainy day in Gorst. PLSS was dumb enough to go into that little strip club, right at that big bend in highhway before Kitsap way in Bremerton. As there's nothing else to do in Bremerton, my bro and I chose that over bowling.

    This fresh little colored stripper sat down to talk. Wasnt the typical "you want a VIP dance" ploy for cash? She was like "you wanna fuck puppy"?, in so many words with her eyes. Being I had already dumped in the old haybag before I left the house, I was already happy and content, and as you can imagine, super tired from the long drive.

    Insert blow and whiskey! Pumpy was soon putting on a poundins to a little black beauty with the energy of Harry Reams. Shoulda seen me Tom. Not bad for a special valentines day. Thats when I got hooked on black women I think. Generally there's some downtime after a long night of making love, Not so fast!

    Now you Thomas? Remember, Its not a competition, just a fun conversation on a football forum out of season. Do tell buddy, how'd it unravel?
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