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Bryan Addison, 4* 2018 WR/S, Gardena (Serra), CA (Offered 5/16/17)

Dennis_DeYoungDennis_DeYoung Posts: 12,695
Swaye's Wigwam 10000 Comments 250 Answers Fucktard of the Week Award
This kid is like a fucking giraffe. He's probably about 6-4, 170 and clocked in at 4.69, which is not too bad.

He looks better to me as a WR, but I know a lot of schools are looking at him as a S. This could be our opportunity to fulfill the promise we once had with Chris Hemphill: put a 3 story kid back there and let him giraffe his ass around. Sound good? I don't know if it does either.

Anyway, I like him a lot though and I think we are going to offer at some point. He said we were one of his 4 dream schools along with some fuckbag Catholic school in Indiana that is far away enough from civilization that priests can rape with impunity, the soft machine (UCLA), and some school that can hook him up with a Canadian visa if he needs it.

Anyway, here's his hudl. I think he's good. My main worry is that he's a black kid named Bryan. What kind of fucking negligence leads to naming a black kid Bryan? You can name your kid Markeviest for fuck's sake and you go with Bryan? Red Flag.


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