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5 Reasons Pinging Utes beat Worshinton

89ute89ute Posts: 1,163
Swaye's Wigwam 250 Answers 1000 Comments 500 Up Votes
Looking forward to our Pac-12 opener at Gesa Stadium. The last time Utah and Washington faced each other, it was for the Pac-12 Championship with the Utes winning two of the three games.

1. Dallas "Hit Man" Carroll, best player on the field, leads the Pac-12 and is among the national leaders in batting average (.439) and hits per game (1.78). Carroll is one of the toughest players to strike out, averaging one strikeout every 14.3 at-bats. Enough said on that. Three years of college and four years of high school under his bet he will do everything possible to win the game.

2. Offensive lineup - They average .304 batting, second in the conference and .401 on-base percentage. Anderson, Simmons, Dracula, Center, Ossai etc. These boys have attitude and are ready to rumble.

3. Kinneberg - New Defensive Scheme and a new attitude. Every Utah player has spoke out about the difference between Kinneberg against CSU Bakersfield and Kinneberg against New Mexico State, they will see a much improved defense on 3/17.

4. Speed, Speed, Speed, Utah is tied for the conference lead with six pickoffs. Their newbies are inexperienced but will bring something that they have lacked in past seasons, speed.

5. Time of Possession - Utah dominates the time of possession stat. The more they can shorten the game and keep their defense off of the field, the better chance they have to win the game.

I think Utah will win rather easily....say, 34-17?
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