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Josh Delgado, 4* 2019 WR, Bellflower (St. John Bosco), CA (Offered 7/14/17)



  • BallzDeepBallzDeep Posts: 1,562
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    He better jump on board soon or he'll be left behind by the coaching staff. They are not going to fly all the way across the country to visit him unless he's a commit. If he decides to take it slow and starts entertaining SEC and ACC offers they will drop him so fast his head will spin.
  • animateanimate Posts: 529
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    TTJ said:

    So Pete is recruiting some ‘19 JAG who’s moving to Florida? But he’s not recruiting an ‘18 DDY3 from his own backyard who is teammates with Sa’vell Smalls?

    The actual fuck is going on here?

    finger on the pulse.
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