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The Immanuel Goldstein All-Stars

AZDuckAZDuck Posts: 14,042
Swaye's Wigwam 10000 Comments 250 Answers Fucktard of the Week Award
edited August 2017 in Tug Tavern
a.k.a. "The Revolution can Never Fail, It Can Only Be Failed" purity test failures:

Rod Wheeler
Anthony Scaramucci
GEN Joseph Dunford
John McCain
Lisa Murkowski
Susan Collins
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III
Dean Heller
Jeff Flake
Michael Flynn
Ben Sasse
Theresa May
Lindsey Graham
Reince Priebus
Rod Rosenstein
Paul Ryan
James Comey
Charles Krauthammer
Howard Kurtz
David Brooks
Bill Kristol
Megyn Kelly
Mitt Romney
George W. Bush

(List to be updated as needed)


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