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Cash Grab Update Part Duh...

So, Such Fag J is back, and TacTownTuffer than ever with a Butler Cabin supporter badge and PM's showing vile and disgusting things. Everyone is talking about the difference between last years SFJ and this one.

Big shout outs to @AEB, @Alexis, @theknowledge and my favorite Dragon Riding pimp @Gladstone for their generous Wigwam level donations. Fuck yeah. There are plenty of tits you can see everywhere waiting for you in the wigwam. But we also feature seal clapping. And dildo slapping. And anal cucumber bombs. And naked girls in planes. And butt suds. And other cool stuff. Like the REAL BOUNCE thread, uncensored and bouncy in the "where you pee" region.

It's been a good fund drive so far, and the month isn't even half over. Please continue to give until it hurts, so Derek stops asking me to steal stuff to keep this place going. TIA for keeping me out of prison.



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