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Kyler Gordon, 2018 4* DB, Everett (Archbishop Murphy), WA (COMMITTED)



  • biak1 said:

    How has Lake not delivered this kid yet?

    Caz he is one foot out the door
  • Had an in-home visit with Brian Kelly today. He's visiting ND next weekend again (unofficially this time) for 3 days. Going to be a tough battle with ND.

    Sounds like Lake may have gotten caught with his pants down on this one. Obviously Lake has been a great recruiter the last couple years but this year has been a real struggle for him thus far. No excuse for losing Kyler to ND.
  • It’s what happens when you flirt with another job for 3-4 days and everyone in the industry knew it. He was gonna have a tough time recruiting this year because of that, hopefully he can overcome it with Gordon.
  • He probably wants to leave Washington. I'm ok with that.
  • PassionPassion Posts: 3,711
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    dhdawg said:

    there is something seriously wrong with our recruiting. this kid should have been committed months ago. Tremblay should have committed months ago. Taimani should have committed months ago.

    Yes we lost tui last year. it fucking happens. that doesn't mean we employ a strategy of letting kids dick around for 5 months until they eventually get captivated by some shiny object and we end up with a bunch of JAG losers like Wilson and that other POS we just flipped from utah

    It seems Petersen wanted to put everyone on the back burner until the season was over. Not sure that was such a great strategy.

    Now he is suddenly full throttle.
  • CuntWaffleCuntWaffle Posts: 14,391
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    Gordon is weird. Arguably our best recruiter can’t land a position we pump into the NFL more than almost any other team is confusing. Togiai is also kind of a blunder but not really (Malloe) UW should be an easy sell with the location, recent success of not only the program, but defensive linemen like Vea, Gaines, Shelton etc.
  • NEsnake12 said:

    Pete and co seem to always hit this imaginary recruiting wall at the end of every summer. They land a bunch of their top targets early on in the year and we doog out, but then the football season starts and almost everything is downhill from there.

    In the 3 full recruiting cycles Pete's had here (2015-17), I can think of like 6 total players who were top targets and actually committed during or after the season: Potato, Joyner, Murphy, Levi, Molden, Bain. And for those 6 guys there's an almost countless number of whiffs.

    If we miss out on most of our late targets and have to settle for plan C's yet again, then Pete needs to rethink how he's approaching recruiting top talent.

    Does Chico count? That’s about it.

  • TurdBufferTurdBuffer Posts: 4,482
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    dnc said:

    dnc said:

    Jimmy Lake flirting with leaving last year is really coming back to fuck our recruiting. You know all the other coaches in the conference are whispering in the ear of all his recruits that he won't be sticking around. I'd love to see UW give him the title of Associate HC or something with a agreement that whenever Pete leaves or retires he is next up however who knows when that will be.

    Dude's never called plays, let's make him coach in waiting cause recruits!
    At least half of college football is recruiting if not more so yeah I value recruiting. He has also been the best at developing talent on the entire coaching staff.

    I'm not going to pretend to know if Jimmy Lake can call plays well however he has been in Pete's system for awhile and if my proposal came to pass would most likely be learning under Pete for a number of more years before taking the reigns. It's not something I'm overly concerned with. If thinking Pete can develop his coaches as well as he can his players is being a doog than so be it. I don't think it will happen I was just throwing it out there as an interesting scenario.

    If recruiting was more than half of CFB a Chris Strausser OL never sniffs the playoffs. Recruiting is maybe 40% at most.

    Lake is phenomenal at developing DBs, no question about that. I love the dude. But no way I'm giving the future to a guy who's never been a coordinator, let alone at a high level. Every head coach I know of who never coordinated before getting the HC slot bombed.

    Hard pass.
    Disagree with the bolded, otherwise, good.
    What should we expect from a full-time, pedo-level, TBSing, record-setting Restraining Order recipient? 19-22 is too old for the TSIO guys. They focus on the fresh boys.
  • Neighbor2972Neighbor2972 Posts: 442
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    edited December 2017
    literally 30 seconds before I posted it FML
  • Is he any relation to KeiVarrae Russell? Just curious.

    FUCK that guy.
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