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Here's what you've been looking for:

"As far as Taimani, I keep hearing that Washington is quietly nursing their relationship with him and that he might not be leaning to UW, but he's heavily favoring them right now"

There's also this nonsensical run around thats been going on for months now:

"word I am getting on Gordon is that a decision could come "at any time" and that Washington is the heavy favorite to reel him in. The one caveat I keep hearing is that if/when he's accepted by Stanford that that will change the dynamic and would muddy the waters quite a bit.
If he decides to commit to Washington soon, I don't see the Stanford acceptance having an impact, but if he holds off and then gets accepted, he's most likely headed to Palo Alto"


  • WeakarmCobraWeakarmCobra Posts: 4,046
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    81% must listen to the pod
  • MisterEmMisterEm Posts: 5,262
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    So he’s not leaning towards UW but he is favoring them?

    Well hard to get something wrong when you cover both options.

    Whenever I am talking TBS or posting I try to remind myself, “don’t do what Eklund would do”. Have an opinion, man. My god.
    I'm pretty sure he is still rattled from the backlash he got from his reporting during the Jack, Vanderdoes, Falah recruiting cycle. They actually went back and deleted his Recruiting Blog entries fron that time period.
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