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skinny eason update



  • Mosster47Mosster47 Posts: 4,559
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    chinteresting take, but i believe its wrong for five, err, cinq two reasons:

    1) kirby smart wont be kirbysmartfs and let him go in conference, also think da u is out
    2) wont willie want to bring in his own guy?

    i think i did quite well on the hardcore huskie meme bingo with this poast.
    The rumor down here is Tua's family isn't liking the Dirty Dirty. Apparently Saint Nick told him and his family that they would put in a package every week for him to get snaps and that was false. Hurts has zero NFL stock so Tua is pine riding until he is a senior.

    He and his brother both wanted to go to Oregon and were totally committed but Sling is the laziest fucker ever. The hot take is Tua to Oregon, redshirt next year, and take over when Herbie leaves for a paycheck.
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