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Oregon doing things the right way

Ducks Graduation Rates at 81 Percent

Steve Summers - Nov 8, 3:43 PM 2

The University of Oregon Athletic Department issued a media release on Wednesday indicating that Oregon athletes have a graduation success rate (GSR) of at least 80 percent for the seventh year in a row.

The data was made available by the NCAA concerning the academic progress from 2007 through 2010. The report by the NCAA was released on Tuesday (Nov. 7).

The NCAA study showed that “freshmen and transfers who enrolled at Oregon within that time period (2007-10) managed to achieve degrees within six years at a rate of 81 percent,” the Oregon media release said.

“Our top priority is the academic success of our student-athletes, and we continue to be extremely proud of their academic achievement,” Oregon Athletic Director said in the media release. "These graduation rates also indicate the resources we have allocated toward the student experience, and we are thankful for the efforts of the outstanding academic support staff we have here at Oregon. Our student-athletes continue to exhibit tremendous dedication, focus, and effort toward succeeding academically and athletically, and we appreciate how they represent our great university."

The 81 percent graduation rate by Oregon athletes favorably compare to the national rate of 71 percent according to the NCAA report.

The Oregon women’s cross-country and track and field programs reached a GSR of 100 percent for the second year in a row.

The Oregon media release indicates that 12 of the 15 Oregon athletic programs finished with a percentage rate of 83 percent or higher for enrollees between 2007-10. However, the three programs that did not reach that level were not identified nor were the GSR rates reveals for those three programs.

Much of the academic success of Oregon athletics can be attributed to the Jaqua Academic Center that is focused on academic success for Oregon athletes. The facility was a gift from Phil and Penny Knight, and is an indication of the Knight’s dedicated and continued support of the University of Orgon


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