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Extended Saturday AM brb yo with pics


In the second half, the Viking offensive line took over the game, Coeur d’Alene started the second half with two touchdown drives and a pick-6, and coasted to a 39-13 victory to advance to the state championship game for the first time since 2013.

RUSHING —Cd’A, Yankoff 16-80

PASSING — Cd’A, Yankoff 29-40-1-294.

Looks like he also has bonds with the sport of @Swaye's people.

“The only other sport I played in high school was basketball. But, because of football, I never played lacrosse in high school, because I was busy with football in the spring. That’s a sport I played a lot in middle school and had a lot of fun with. I’d probably be playing basketball and lacrosse. I think in fifth grade, myself and a couple of buddies found out there was a (lacrosse) club team and thought, ‘Hey, this looks like a cool sport, let’s try it.’ And we really enjoyed it.”


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