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Happy Thanks for Your Taxes Day....

You paid for my degrees, training, degrees, training, and paid for a pretty cool career where I got to do little boy fantasy epic shit and had a living wage that I mostly spent on booze, travel, and insincere bitches, and waste vast amounts of your money doing things that may or may not have contributed to good things in the world.

It was fun as fuck mostly, and now you're paying for my PhD and my health care.

So, in a rare moment of sincerity, TYFYT

No need to TMFMS --- I'll go get some free chicken wings and a free haircut at SportsClips and put some self important photos up on my private FB page with inside jokes only my fellow Vets understand and preen about all the TYFYS comments and jack off to the free porn our Republic has provided and we'll call it even.



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