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What I'm hearing (educk edition)

If you want a good laugh...
hot - Replies: 5 - Views: 529 - Started By: CouchDuck -1 from 1 users
CouchDuck 5214 posts
Nov 11, 1:53 PM
via Mobile
Head over to Hardcore Husky... board is in a worse meltdown than this board in Helfrich's last year

winducks2 2725 posts
Nov 11, 4:16 PM
via Mobile
You hit that on the nailhead. They are out of control

JadeDuck 30823 posts
Nov 12, 12:12 AM
via Mobile
That place is comedy gold. They've finally figured out that Noodles Browning is a garbage QB against any opponent with a pulse.
I can't wait until the Doogs roll into Autzen next year. Their big TWO game win streak is doing to end if a thorough Duck ass throttling. Book it Danno!
Go Ducks


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