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2018 Recruiting Bored (this will be continually updated)

Dennis_DeYoungDennis_DeYoung Posts: 11,822
Swaye's Wigwam 10000 Comments 250 Answers Fucktard of the Week Award
Click on the names to go to their discussion thread.

Jacob Sirmon, 4* 2018 QB, Bothell, WA (COMMITTED)
Colson Yankoff, 4* 2018 QB, Coeur D'Alene, ID (COMMITTED)
Richard "Fig" Newton, 3* 2018 RB, Palmdale, CA (COMMITTED)
Trey Lowe, 4* 2018 RB/DB, Portland (Jesuit), OR (COMMITTED)
Austin "Auzzy" Osbourne, 5* 2018 WR, Mission Viejo HS, CA (COMMITTED)
Marquis Spiker, 5* 2018 WR, Murrietta (Valley), CA (COMMITTED)
Devin Culp, 4* 2018 TE, Spokane (Gonzaga Prep), WA (COMMITTED)
Matteo Mele, 4* 2018 OL, Tucson (Salpointe HS), WA (COMMITTED)
Victor Curne, 2018 4* OL, Houston (Second Baptist), TX (COMMITTED)
MJ Ale, 3* 2018 OL, Fife HS, WA (COMMITTED)
Sam Taimani (Vakalahi), 4* 2018 OL/DL, Salt Lake City (East), UT (COMMITTED)
Draco Bynum, 3* 2018 DL, Wilsonville HS, OR (COMMITTED)
Mosiah Nasili-Liu, 3* 2018 DE, Puyallup (Emerald Ridge), WA (COMMITTED)
Zion Tupuola-Fetui, 3* 2018 BUCK, Pearl City, HI (COMMITTED)
Jackson Sirmon, 3* 2018 LB, Brentwood (Academy), TN (COMMITTED)
M.J. Tafisi, 3* 2018 ILB, Sandy (Alta), UT (COMMITTED)

Tanner McKee, 5* 2018 QB (Mormon Mission), Corona (Centennial), CA (Offered)





Tommy Togiai, 4* 2018 DT, Pocatello (Highland), ID (Offered)
Caleb Tremblay, 4* 2018 DT, Sacramento (American River JC), CA
Jackson Cravens (Craves it), 3* 2018 DT, Provo (Timpview), UT (Offered)

Jeremiah Martin, 2018 4* BUCK, San Bernardino (Cajon), CA (OFFERED 9/27)
Abdul-Malik McClain, 4* 2018 BUCK, San Juan Capistrano (Serra), CA (UCLA)
Jordan Allen, 3* 2018 JC BUCK, San Francisco (CC), CA
Zion Tupuola-Fetui, 3* 2018 BUCK, Pearl City, HI (Offered)
Tyree Wilson, 3* 2018 BUCK, New London (West Rusk), TX
Maureese Wren, 3* 2018 LB/WR, Mesquite (Horn), TX (Offered)

Brandon Kaho, 4* 2018 OLB, Reno HS, NV (Offered)
Merlin Robertson, 4* 2018 LB, Gardena (Serra), CA: Only PSA From "Homies" Toy Collection.
Josiah Bradley, 3* 2018 S/LB, Scottsdale (Saguaro), AZ (Offered)
Halid Djibril, 2018 4* S/OLB, Los Angeles (Cathedral), CA (Offered)
Ben Wilson, 3* 2018 LB, Sumner, WA (Offered)
Ben Hines, 2* 2018 LB, Everett (AB Murphy), WA (Offered PWO)

Bryan Addison, 4* 2018 WR/S, Gardena (Serra), CA (Offered 5/16/17)
Kyler Gordon, 2018 4* DB, Everett (Archbishop Murphy), WA (Offered)
Dominique Hampton, 4* 2018 DB, Peoria-Centennial, AZ (Offered)
Julius Irvin, 4* 2018 DB, Anaheim (Servite), CA (Offered)
Stephan Blaylock, 3* 2018 DB, Bellflower (St. John Bosc0), CA (UCLA Commit; OFFERED 10/20)
Aashari Croswell, 3* S 2018, Long Beach (Poly), CA (Offered-ish)
Dimitri Stanley, 3* 2018 WR/DB, Englewood (Cherry Creek), CO (Offered)


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