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Putting the Stanford game to bed

I took your post and distilled into its essence Pupmy

Tequilla said:

Tequilla said:

Let’s also be real on Browning ... he’s 19-4 as a starter the last 2 years ...

He’s not an elite National-level QB and has been exposed this year to being an above average at best PAC QB when he doesn’t have ideal situations surrounding him

The problem with Browning isn’t the 19-4 ... it’s thay we don’t have someone behind that isn’t a JAG to push him to give us the option of upgrading at the most important position on the field ...

The positive of Sirmon/Yankoff/Morris (and possibly Eason) is that there will be guys pushing each other and the chances for an elite caliber QB increased

Gee thanks tequilla
Tell Franny hi for me ... I’ve been a little busy lately and haven’t been able to give her a yule tide log up the poop chute ...
U couldn't get it up the poop chute ole' timer ...You'd need to OD on the blue miracle to rail it up that orifice Tequilla.
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