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I don't want to be alarmist, but... (Colson)

There's a part of me that's starting to think it's almost certain Lubick bolts. If that happens, I think our ability to hang on to Yankoff is going to be basically tied to where Lubick goes.

If Lubick ends up at Nebraska, I could see Yankoff ending up there. God only knows what's going to happen in Eugene, but if Lubick ends up there with Wilcox Yankoff could go 360.

The thing about the Yanker is that he doesn't have to sign on the 20th, he could wait and sign any time and still enroll early.

It's telling to me that Bush Hamdan's first follow was to Colson - they want to make sure they can keep him.

I'm sorry if your Yankoff dreams are dimming, but I would put it at 81% chance he stays with us... but it's a precarious situation.


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