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PM to the Bored. Timeouts coming for some of you out here

Never, ever downvote pumpy OPs. A net score of -5 or lower keeps poasts down the bored. If you like buried gold, go to Seth Effrekka. Your ruining the Higher Level Discussion Bored.


  • RaceBannonRaceBannon Posts: 26,407
    Swaye's Wigwam 25000 Comments 250 Answers Fifth Anniversary
    Downvoted your down vote
  • RaceBannonRaceBannon Posts: 26,407
    Swaye's Wigwam 25000 Comments 250 Answers Fifth Anniversary
    The only thing that has happened is nothing has happened regarding WT coaching status which means he still the coach of the Ducks! Everything else is people putting their own personal f'up story to something that has not happened, I am looking at you 66Duck you racist bastard. As far as WT accomplishments at Oregon you really need to take a minute and reflect on where the Ducks were last year and compare it to this years team. Oregon was in a state of complete disarray, no defensive, the players didn't like each other, recruiting was a joke and the MH's coaching staff had no clue how to fix it. In less than a year Willie literally put wheels back on the program, yes and other programs have taken notice i.e. FSU. Duck fans disparaging Willie in any way based on his background and what he has accomplish in such a short time makes me think the worst about your motives.

  • Is Reveille there Perroni? I am really interested to see if Reveille and Fisher have a natural bond and if Fisher willingly reaches out. Reveille is a huge part of our University and football program so if she has an instant affinity for Coach Fisher I think that will speak volumes to our recruits. If you could, please take and post video of their initial encounter. Any still shots of Coach Fisher petting Reveille would also be appreciated - would prefer if taken from side so I can see as much as possible of both their faces.
  • PurpleBazePurpleBaze Posts: 13,190
    Swaye's Wigwam 10000 Comments 250 Answers 500 Awesomes
    That's the spirit, Grundle.
  • What? I can't see. OP buried.
  • PurpleBazePurpleBaze Posts: 13,190
    Swaye's Wigwam 10000 Comments 250 Answers 500 Awesomes
    FWIW, I went back to the latest FS Pumpy thread and changed my WTF to a chin.

    So there. I did my part. TMFMS
  • Pup can dress in the finest thread, flowing golden locks, the occassional handlebar stash to go with his Filson wardrobe. This sounds like something Ric Flair would say. Puppy=Flair?
  • Someone has some sense around here
  • ThomasFremontThomasFremont Posts: 8,615
    Swaye's Wigwam 5000 Comments 250 Answers 500 Awesomes
    What's up with the quote function?
  • Swaye said:

    If you can't handle the ups and downs of downvoting Pumpy, perhaps you need to take a long walk off a short pier for some perspective.

    In other words, GRUNDLE STOp
  • I rarely downvote Pumpy because he's awesome.
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