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Duck fans? You only missed Chipperd by a week or so... if pissing away your chance at a natty wasnt tough enough. The Eugene thing finally caught up to yous...some random exit off the i-5, in a green and grey swamp, with gravel parking lots and fans from deliverance spitting on the more sophisticated pac 12 school fans (including the beav's), who drove cars without mudders and lift kits to the game.

Funny, your faggy uniforms arent cool anymore. Every school dumps cash into facilities, and your cheerleaders are just pedestrian. Phil knight's hip will break on the harley so that aint coo anymore...

Is there anything cool about Oregon football anymore?
Nope!!! A coach wont even stick in the stank that Eugene is. Payback can be difficult to take. Thanks Willie...Helfrich is prolly the best bet. Will he be ok with returning? Doubtful


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