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And thus concludes the biggest month in Hardcore Husky history

December ended up with 1,926,240 page views for the message boards, which is a new site record.

For the year 2017 we had 13,245,640 page views for the message boards, also another site record.

Three big factors. The huge popularity of TSIO Bored; the natural growth of the site; and the continued success of the Huskies, even with that shitty schedule. I also think guys like Grundle and Swaye played roles with all they do for the site. I'm sure I'm forgetting somebody but take it like a man and not like a pouting Jake Browning after the field goal kicker misses a chip shot even as you're playing like shit and embarrassing yourself before billions of Chinese viewers on Larry Scott's innovative Pac-12 Network.

Happy New Year you fuck sticks



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