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An Analytical Approach to the Best and Worst Poasters

What with the lack of football and teen boi action happening I decided to mess around with pulling data and taking an analytical approach to ranking poasters here at HH while bored at work. Without further delay here are the results according to the numbers.

Best Poasters
(Combined Chin/WTF Ratio)
  1. @Doog_de_Jour
  2. @WhiskeyDawg
  3. @minion_doog
  4. @GaryFromTeenMom
  5. @Swaye
Worst Poasters
  1. @2001400ex
  2. @ApostleofGrief
  3. @oregonblitzkrieg
  4. @MikeSeaver
  5. @Mosster47
Most Rec'd (Per Poast)
  1. @BlastDoor
  2. @Saracen
  3. @Doog_de_Jour
  4. @HuskyClaws
  5. @minion_doog
  6. @CokeGreaterThanPepsi
  7. @SpoonieLuv
  8. @NEsnake12
  9. @NorwegianHusky
  10. @Swaye
Most Anti-Rec'd (Per Poast)
  1. @oregonblitzkrieg
  2. @puppylove_sugarsteel
  3. @2001400ex
  4. @BallzDeep
  5. @ApostleofGrief
  6. @MikeSeaver
  7. @Mosster47
  8. @Ice_Holmvik
  9. @HoustonHusky
  10. @Tequilla
Most Controversial(Most Rec's & Anti-Rec's)
  1. @puppylove_sugarsteel
  2. @BallzDeep
  3. @oregonblitzkrieg
  4. @BaldwinIV
  5. @Ice_Holmvik

I excluded poasters with < 50 poasts and obvious alt's like @Babushka. If you are curious to look at the data and see how I calculated the results you can find them here Data.


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