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Shithole Pole

oregonblitzkriegoregonblitzkrieg Posts: 8,103
5000 Comments 250 Answers 500 Awesomes 500 Up Votes
edited January 12 in Tug Tavern
500,000 immigrants are coming to the US this month. 50,000 of them are heading directly to the nearest large city you live near. Which category of countries would you prefer they come from?

Shithole Pole 16 votes

Western Nations/Other advance nations: Norway, Switzerland, Japan, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, South Korea
MikeDamoneFire_Marshall_BillSwayeDawgtonaoregonblitzkrieghaieSledogPitchfork51TheGhost206 9 votes
Shithole Countries: Syria, Haiti, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Venezuela, Yemen, Congo, Albania
TierbsHsotBoobsdncdrogginsallpurpleallgoldLebamDawgDuckHHunterisafagWeakarmCobra 7 votes


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