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Figured out swayes new gig



  • dfleadflea Posts: 2,832
    Swaye's Wigwam 2500 Comments 250 Answers 500 Awesomes
    edited August 2017

    dflea said:

    Red Man is shit. It's like almost whole fucking tobacco leaves like Beechnut and it's made for girly men who can't chew something of substance like Copenhagen.

    Sorry Swaye - that brand name is letting you down as a wagon burner. Red Man tobacco ought to be some evil shit that gives you head spins, not some bullshit that 5th graders chew.

    I think there's a simple,old timey pleasure from chewing tobaccer vs worm dirt. I know it doesn't give you the same buzz, I love spitting the juice.

    Chinned for worm dirt. And for the Josey Wales "buzzards gotta eat - same as the worms" scene.
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