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Twatter Employee shuts off Trump


Only 11 minutes? SAD!

That's not a half-bad way when you are Door. Almost. Ass. Out. to fuck with the man.

I know we all live in our two dad's basements, but I suspect a few of us don't suck at life completely.
I've always suspected the controls and processes to prevent rouge employees from pulling this type of stunt off isn't very good. For critical infrastructure it's kind of important. Anyone have that kind of system access authority?

I know from my end, I can wipe millions of revenue out for a large number of large companies in a handful of keystrokes and could effectively close their "store front" with a few more (at least close it until I am hauled away and someone puts the data back properly). Many coworkers have the same access but don't realize the full power it entails. One of them accidentally flipped a switch in the data to knock out several mil from one customer in a few hours a couple of months ago.

Technology and automation are good but so freaking dependent on assumptions holding true.


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