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Scott Huff Going for the 4th OL this Class (IMPORTANT)

Much to look at here, and credit to him, he isn't looking at the bottom of the barrel but man some of these guys are never coming here. Huff followed all of these guys in the last hour and there have been others over the last 2-3 weeks too...

Cameron Cooper, Aurora (Grandview), CO, 6'5" 260

Seems like one of the most likely guys on this list we have a shot at. I have failed and am also lazy, and couldn't find a profile on him from any of the services. But apparently he was under 200 pounds just last year and playing TE. He moves well and has good power.

Logan Floyd, Kearns, UT, 6'4" 280

Again, could not find this guy in the scout/247 database, but I LOVE his film. Just overpowers people and moves very well too. Like Cooper, he is another guy that I think we could have a shot at as long as the world hasn't already offered and I just don't know about it. I like him inside more than outside.

Jackson Carman, Fairfield, OH 6'6 340

This is pretty much the consensus #1 OL in the Country, HAHAHAHAHA. But Huff is gauging his interest, haha. Don't watch the film. My god.

Jerome Carvin, Cordova, TN, 6'4" 330

Another guy that we don't have a chance on, offers from all over the Country.

Rasheed Walker, Waldorf, MD, 6'6" 300

hahahaha, again, no chance. Especially when his Hudl highlights are marked with #FreeFlock. Offers from everywhere.

Dylan Wonnum, Tucker, GA, 6'5" 279

I don't get it, never coming here, insane talent. But still.

So clearly UW is trying to reach and get another OL this class, and they are definitely not looking for a long term project. I think they are looking for guys that can play within 2-3 years of arriving on campus to be the 4th guy in this class. Huff is really interesting because so far in his activity he is showing that he has a willingness to go after anyone. So credit to him for that.



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