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I now realize that

recruiting is more than something shitty coaches like Sark or Black Sark or Taggs use to deflect from 7-5 seasons one after another. Recruiting was used to keep Ty for 2008. For that alone all recruiting boards should have been shut down and recruiting experts should have been sent to re education camp.

To be fair, for the better part of 15 years we were told that we would suck but were loading up and we'd be great the year after next.

Now that we have a competent coach, and no he isn't a genius, he's a football coach for fucks sake, the ability to recruit top talent actually matters since this staff has coached up the dreck that was left behind and developed the scrappy hard working recruits that they have got so far.

Now you can be reasonably confident that Pete and his crew would know what to do with it.

It's like James after the 86 Sun Bowl when he realized Bama's left tackle would be the fastest player on our team. He completely revamped recruiting again and sent his minions out to recruit the 91 national champs.

Its fine if Petermen laughs at recruiting rankings and gives fetter shit as long as he is going after and GETTING the best guys out there. He does need to factor that into his process for his assistants.

James fired Dan Dorazio a shitty O line coach and brought in Gilby. When Pinkle left Gilby stepped up to OC. Gilbly was such a horrible head coach most folks forget that he was an idiot savant with the O line. Rick brought him back to piece together the 200 Rose Bowl line

It all matters now. This program can either keep moving forward or just be satisfied at the last couple of years. We know the school doesn't give a shit as long as the mob isn't outside with pitchforks. The question is does Petermen burn with the fire of a thousand suns to make this a legit power?

We'll see


  • backthepackbackthepack Posts: 5,192
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    edited November 2017

    Swaye said:

    Seriously! I used to make fun of all the recruiting talk because I knew with Ty and Sark it didn't fucking matter. It matters when you have a real staff. Saban doesn't wreck shit the last 10 years with our players. He wins, but not NC's. He isn't some magical dude who can win with dreck.

    We have good players here, not great. Better than the last 20 years in fact, but still not good enough to be in the convo for NC's. That 28 number needs to hit 40 to have a chance. Pete will either make it happen, or he won't.

    tick tick tick

    This season is a perfect of example of how it matters on a macro level. In 2016, we probably out performed our talent level by a good margin and got lucky with injuries not being too bad, and the schedule wasn't too hard. Injuries being worse in 2017 + bad QB play + bad OC, and the overall talent isn't good enough for those games where we play like poo. If we play like poo on the road against ASU and Stanford (or Oregon with Herbert) we are still vulnerable.
    UW should have went undefeated in PAC-12 then gotten plungered in the playoffs. Running the ball is the key, caz our QB is a worthless POS.
    I ❤️ Baabuskha, when he leave it will be great tragedy * Russian TSIO computerized whore voice*
  • backthepackbackthepack Posts: 5,192
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    We? need more hoekgs to help us croot better.
  • We need more blacks on coaching staff to get more black ppl. Fuck, peterman should be able to find 2 or 3 competent black coaches
  • backthepackbackthepack Posts: 5,192
    5000 Comments 250 Answers 500 Awesomes 500 Up Votes

    We need more blacks on coaching staff to get more black ppl. Fuck, peterman should be able to find 2 or 3 competent black coaches

    We need more team hoekgs just axe Louisville and Blue Mountain State.
  • haiehaie Posts: 4,710
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    Pull talent or fire everyone. Just fire everyone.
  • YellowSnowYellowSnow Posts: 4,534
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    I can’t say it better.

    Now more than ever, recruiting matters. I’ve been a semi-pro TBSer for 20 years and even *I* stopped paying attention during Ty and rolled my eyes during much of Sark.

    But these days we have a coach that I think is a top 5 guy. If we get top 10 talent, we are going to be great for years.

    We know we have the jockey, now we need the horses. The thing is, without the coach recruiting doesn’t make much of a difference (unless you already have good talent and add a kid named Cam, Jimbo or Deshaun).

    We should not forget Saban’s record at LSU (which is a tier 2 program just like us)...

    2000: 8-4
    2001: 10-3
    2002: 8-5
    2003: 13-1 (Natty)
    2004: 9-3

    Saban doesn’t let ANYTHING slip. He doesn’t put up with coaches who aren’t top shelf in both coaching AND recruiting.

    If we get top 10 classes, we will convert those into consistent dominance in the P10N.

    I’m glad Race has come around. Recruiting doesn’t matter when you have the wrong coach. When you have the right one, it’s all important.

    People forget that Saban's 2003 LSU was kind of bull shit. Pete Carroll would have pushed his shit in that year.
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