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Why we passed on DJ Johnson - the chinside story



  • dncdnc Posts: 30,665
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    dnc said:

    I never do this but since the narrative on this seems to have gone in another direction I'll share a bit of inside info. Please keep this shit here. @jhfstyle24 if this pops up on Doog pound we'll know it was you. I'm taking a risk and trusting you guys with this information.

    Here's the facts from a highly placed source extremely in the know. Chris Petersen loves DJ Johnson. He was crushed when we whiffed on him last year and even more sick that we didn't get him this year. But he felt he had to say no.

    Not because DJJ (ILTCHDJJ) isn't an OKG, but because Pete wasn't confident we'd have room for him.

    Going into the season the UW staff was confident they'd have three early entries and thought they may have four. When Adams went down that took away one scholly, when Gaines started saying he would probably come back around Thanksgiving that took another, then Gaskin shocked them after the Fiesta Bowel and said he was thinking strongly about coming back.

    In the meantime they already promised a transfer scholarship through back channels to Skinny Eason, a scholarship they anticipate him taking in the next week to ten days. They have also promised to have a scholarship available no matter what to four PSA's who will be signing in the late period to play in 2018 (so not counting the mission kids) - Jeremiah Martin, Julius Irvin, Tuli Letuligasenoa and Solomon Tuliaupupu. They aren't confident they're getting all four but they're also not confident they aren't getting any of them specifically. In Pete's mind that means he has to have four spots available for them. So that makes five spots tied up including Eason.

    And this is where Pete deviates from every other coach out there - we all know Pete is a unique coach, but his uniqueness is fleshed out in two primary ways - he has a unique commitment to his people, and a unique commitment to his word. This means he holds onto assistants too long (Hi @Babushka!) and is unwilling to run off kids at the bottom of the roster.

    He understands this means it will take longer to build the championship team he wants so desperately to have, but in his mind this is the ultimate sustainable model. He believes the commitment to his people and his word will ultimately yield championships - yes, plural - because a) it will mean people are uniquely committed to him and the program in return and b) this generation craves authenticity and ultimately he will be proven to be the most authentic coach with the most authentic program and that will become a draw on its own. It's slow strategy taken to the extreme.

    So no, Pete didn't turn down DJJ because he's not OKG, or because he's butthurt he didn't pick us last year or because he thinks the scrubs we have at BUCK are good enough to take us to the promised land. He didn't even turn him down, he just said I can't promise you a scholarship right now, give me a couple of weeks to figure out if Eason is coming and Gaskin is leaving and where we stand with those four HS seniors who were promised spots if they want them. But he knew asking for time would mean we missed on him. And he's torn up about it.

    But he won't go back on his word, it's just not who he is. Them's the facts, love them or hate them.

    What cunt would believe this shit? Wrong site buttfucks!!!

    This piece of shitty doog fanfic may be my most chinned poast of ever.

    Might be time for me to take a long walk with the wife and get some perspective.
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