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I think the dates of my bannination should be in here, too.


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  • Re: Picture thread: How this recruiting class makes you feel

    UW's class:

    UO's class:

    The progressive doogeration of this bored:

  • Re: Oregon's chicken wire fails.

    It's actually worse. They closed on 1/7 according to the composite, or 0/5 if you go by just 247. And the best part is that we snagged 2 of their better in-state guys, one of whom is a brother of a former duck. Even during the Oregon heyday, we did a decent enough job of fending off Chip and co. and keeping local talent at home. I don't believe they ever once came into our state and did a better job of cleaning up local talent than we did, like we just did to them this year. This would have been a pipe dream three years ago.
    And look where that got you:

    0-12 against Oregon
    7-6 as far as the eyes could see

    I'm not saying that Oregon shouldn't go after local kids when they are worthwhile prospects (and this year there were some, for once)... but to ignore the coaching change and all that drama is also kinda FS.

  • Re: Oregon's chicken wire fails.

    When Oregon fans start to compare themselves to WSU, you know it's over.

    Autzen Pea Patch time!

  • Re: Cristoballin's Twatter

    we? got punked by SC for Devon Williams and Elijah Winston, also didn't get any of the "reach" targets for the day, especially Ossai (WTF Football Gods?) Winston was not a surprise, Williams was.

    So we? went for two backup plans, low 3-star WR and CB kids (the CB hasn't committed yet, but will). Teagan Quitoriano isn't sending in his LOI for now, some rape-related high-jinks on the Sprague hoops team, so you know it's just a matter of tim.

    Best Oregon prospect year that I can remember, and out of 10 3-stars on the 247 composite:

    Oregon: 1 signed/1 awaiting disposition of charges
    Oregon State: 3 signed
    Penn (no Pedo): 1 signed
    Nevada: 1 signed
    UNLV: 1 signed
    Oregon State Prison: 1 awaiting trial @Marco_Brewer

    Out of 7 four-star or better:

    USC: 2 signed
    UCLA: 1 signed
    Notre Dame: 1 signed
    Oregon: 1 signed
    Warshington: 1 signed

    Not a stellar in-state performance. Of course, circumstances kind of bit us in the proverbial tailfeathers this year.
    Wait did one of Draco Bynum or Trey Lowe die? Pretty sure we got 2 4 Stars our of Oregon ya bitch.
    lighten up, Francis

    Nobody cares about Trey Lowe
  • PM to Derek

    The USC helmet on the homepage is super gay. UW is not a rival to USC, they care more about Oregon than they do UW.

    Quit being a doog tryhard and go back to ogling Desis and listening to old-school jazz.