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I think the dates of my bannination should be in here, too.


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  • Re: What I am hearing

    Hardcore Husky is the only site that matters. In 2016 the Half Brains won and the Doogs lost. Case closed.

    We (?) won before it started.

    It's just the Half Brain way it took a chick with big sloppy tits to make it happen.

  • Re: Fa'atui Tuitele, 5* 2019 DL, Honolulu (St. Louis), HI (Offered)

    "Good analysis of Washington's D vs. Ducks. Oregon has the edge in the DB area...LB is a push...Washington is much better on the DL. Ducks D will be able to hang with Huskies' offense in '18. "

    "Graham starts at Washington guaranteed."


    Memnoch8701: Washington's defense allowed a 65.2% completion rate and snagged 14 interceptions with their SOS @ #60 of 130 while Oregon defense was slightly better at a completion % of 55.1 with the 58th ranked strength of schedule. Oregon snagged 16 interceptions last year. Washington rotated their secondary pretty heavily I believe in 2017 and everyone got playing time. Nine DBs saw the field last year. Oregon rotated six or seven. Keep player development in mind while gauging their current year and performance against slightly inferior competition in regards to Washingtons SOS vs Oregon.

    Your most productive returning DB is All Pac 12 First Team select Junior Taylor Rapp. In 13 games he tallied 42 solo tackles 1 int, 0 passes defended (either bad positioning or lack of attempts to his side, judging from his tackle output I'd say he's not very good at defending passes but a great tackler) and 1 forced fumble.

    Oregon most productive returning DB is Senior Ugo Amadi. In 13 games he tallied 31 solo tackles 4 int, 8 passes defended (in good position to make plays and his int numbers back that up) 2 fumble recoveries and 1 defensive touchdown and 3 forced fumble.

    Following Rapp is All Pac 12 Second Team Junior DB JoJo McIntosh who in 12 games tallied 37 solo tackles 1 int, 1 defended pass and 1 fumble recovery. Starter.

    Following Amadi is Oregon Sophomore Thomas Graham Jr. As a freshman in 2017 in 13 games as a starter, he tallied 49 solo tackles, 3 int, 4 passes defended and 1 fumble recovery.

    So I'll pause and provide a bit of context before continuing. Oregon's defense leaves only 3 DBs on the field as they have 4 DL, 3LB, with a Hybrid FS/LB up at the line (Fotu Leiato) alongside the LBs. This leaves the corners on an island. Graham outperformed 2 All Pac 12 selectees, against somewhat superior competition, on an island by a freshman.

    Austin Joyner, a junior in 2017 is next with 35 solo tackles in 11 games 1 int, 1 pass defense and 1 fumble recovery. Shrugs.

    Next behind Graham we have another Freshman. Deommodore Lenoir. In 12 games he tallied 17 solo tackles 1 int with 5 passes defended.

    Washingtons best freshman was pretty good in 6 games. 13 solo tackles, 2 interceptions, 7 defended passes and 1 forced fumble.

    I didn't forget Miles Bryant or Jordan Miller. I just figured they are a bit further down the totem pole on the roster and my entire point was to counter your theory regarding the starters in the secondary on both squads.

    I'll add to that by saying I believe Washington upgraded at the safety position by signing Julius Irvin. If he doesn't start in 2018 I'll be shocked. Kwiatkowski is a great coordinator. Formidable even, but whether he can develop a player remains to be seen. Shaq and Budda were going to be good regardless. Taylor Rapp is coming along but I expected more from him by this time. Leavitt is a better developer of talent (Arrion Springs 2016 vs 2017 was like night and day) and an even better Defensive coordinator as is evident by the huge jump from 116 in 2016 to 46 in 2017. I see Brendan Schooler who started at safety for Oregon in 2017 either transferring or backing up either Jevon Holland or Steve Stephens. Both highly rated recruits. Time Will tell but I'll wager that Oregon has a top 5-10 defense in 2018. Too much speed, to many coaches who are proven developers of talent and too much talent. Imagine:

    Steve Stephens (Best coverage corner in the class, Ed Reed comparisons galore) and Jevon Holland are immediate plug and play starters at the safety spots. Hollins,Dye and 4 star burner (watch his highlight tape, he's a 6'3 210-215 pound gazelle. Hawks RB with 15-20 yrd head start down from behind) Jackson at the LB position with Fotu at the Duck LB/Safety Hybrid position. Miami DE transfer Johnson and Jelks at DE with Scott in the middle. Graham and Amadi start on the outside islands with Deommodore at the slot. I'm stoked for this season. I don't think Washington has better corners and I think we'll be seeing you at the top this season.
    This has a bit of a 5 Reasons vibe to it. Nobody could be that stupid, right?
    I believed it.

    Go to and read the comments in any duck article ... the koolaid is very, very real.
    If your reading newspaper comments you deserved whatever syphilis strain that is going to kill you and make you blind
  • Re: Picture thread: How this recruiting class makes you feel

    UW's class:

    UO's class:

    The progressive doogeration of this bored:

  • Re: USC home is now United Airlines Memorial Coliseum

    I've done some bad things. I don't think United should kick my ass, though.
  • Re: What should RhythmicSlappingDawg/BTP's 3rd Handle Be When He Returns?