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I think the dates of my bannination should be in here, too.


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  • Re: Breaking Down the Seth Rich Assasination

    Is this still a thing?
  • Re: Cristoballin's Twatter

    TreShaun to Free Shoes. Coffee cup wins this one
  • Re: Cristoballin's Twatter

    we? got punked by SC for Devon Williams and Elijah Winston, also didn't get any of the "reach" targets for the day, especially Ossai (WTF Football Gods?) Winston was not a surprise, Williams was.

    So we? went for two backup plans, low 3-star WR and CB kids (the CB hasn't committed yet, but will). Teagan Quitoriano isn't sending in his LOI for now, some rape-related high-jinks on the Sprague hoops team, so you know it's just a matter of tim.

    Best Oregon prospect year that I can remember, and out of 10 3-stars on the 247 composite:

    Oregon: 1 signed/1 awaiting disposition of charges
    Oregon State: 3 signed
    Penn (no Pedo): 1 signed
    Nevada: 1 signed
    UNLV: 1 signed
    Oregon State Prison: 1 awaiting trial @Marco_Brewer

    Out of 7 four-star or better:

    USC: 2 signed
    UCLA: 1 signed
    Notre Dame: 1 signed
    Oregon: 1 signed
    Warshington: 2 signed

    Not a stellar in-state performance. Of course, circumstances kind of bit us in the proverbial tailfeathers this year.
  • Re: Pissing off USC

    I think seeing USC making posts referencing UW in any way is a good fucking sign. UW is definitely getting under their skin this year. This is what happens when you start pulling in chicks like the new kid in school. USC is like the starting Senior QB who has been getting by on talent alone and looks back and sees a nearly as talented sophomore who grew 3 inches over the summer and has been hitting the playbook and gym like a mofo.
    When the back up becomes QB1

    GOAT for its intended purpose? @swaye ? @AZDuck ?

    huge, huge fan of the A-10. If you've ever seen one in action, it is a thing to behold
  • Re: Cristoballin's Twatter

    Cuban Sark? 247 is fucked, you're out of order, I'm out of order, the whole system is out of order! Looked at Oregon's class, just a few spots below us. Got ONE defensive lineman (maybe one of the ATHs could turn into a DE type, but that would make it just two). Their OL group is a bunch of the kind of fat fucks that USC signs all the time that don't turn into shit. If the kid is 340+ in fucking HIGH SCHOOL, odds are he's a piece'shit. Matteo Mele is ranked #400; I wouldn't trade him for their entire OL group. He's easily twice the recruit that Sewell is.

    And then it's basically a bunch of safeties, corners and WRs. Classic Sark. I do like the WR/DBs and the LBs seem fine, but that's about it. How are they just three spots below us when we signed two QBs better than their QB, two WRs better than their best WR, three DBs better than their best DB, etc.?

    Get ready for more Boise style reamings. Ya know, unless Herbert is healthy.
    DPOTW! (and that's saying something, and @BallzDeep is still poasting here)

    Steven Jones 6' 5"/340 is a fucking beast and UW offered

    Dawson Jaramillo 6' 5"/295 supposedly did really well at one of those all-star games, I'm not super hyped on this kid but he seems alright

    Chris Randazzo is 6' 7"/325. That's almost svelte on that frame. Kid's only 17.

    Justin Johnson is another 6' 7"/355 kid with offers from Wisconsin and Michigan State. You know, schools that have good line play.

    And, oh yeah, Penei Sewell. Just the #2 fucking OL in the country per 247. He sucks.

    If the new steampunk strength coach is as advertised we're going to have a very different style than what you're used to seeing. Much more physical. This is a fantastic OL class. That's not the weakness here.

    Only one DE kinda sucks, but we did add DJ Johnson who is eligible to play this fall, Faoliu has good bloodlines and is Poly. If we had gotten Ossai I would still be masturbating wildly. It just felt so right.

    And corner is the weakness of the class. We had to take a flyer on the Lion of Judah's great-grandkid because of the late decommits. WR we're good, but losing Devon Williams after the dude was basically acting like a commit and hanging out in the Oregon commits chat for over a year was a shot to the nuts. The other big weakness is at RB. You'd think we would have been able to get a bigger,more physical RB commit - but we got the little shifty scat-back types that may be great or may turn into slot WRs.

    Measurables on the class look good - everyone's over 6' except for the scatbacks and one CB.

    It's a very good class. Disappointing when one considers that we were looking at a top 5 class two months ago, but better than anyone outside of Florida that had a coaching change. And our old guy, who is probably the best recruiter in CFB, went to one of the Florida schools.

    In conclusion,