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  • Re: Nathan Kalepo, 2019 4* OL, Seattle (Rainier Beach), WA (COMMITTED)

    Hi Nathaniel. I know you read this board. Keep up the good work recruiting kid.
  • Re: Need a cheap laugh?

    Sark is a great OC. Being an alcoholic has nothing to do with his intelligence or talent as a game planner and play caller. He's good enough for Alabama and the Falcons. I think the opinions of the people who made the decision to hire him hold a little more weight than yours.
    Yeah because one game defines him as an OC. His play calling was good enough to get them to the playoffs wasn't it. Falcons fans are some overreacting bitches looking for a scapegoat. Never mind their team has a history of choking long before Sark ever got there.
  • Re: BRB, YO

    I would love this scenario but I just don’t see it happening. Pete is already stubborn with his staff, I don’t see him benching a 3 year starter (even though he should) in favor of a true freshman. Yankoff would have to crush Browning in the off season imo to start.
    If yankoff is better he will not be given the job. But the first time brown socks gets hit hard he will go into concussion protocol and yankoff would be given a shot. Let it play out.
    Pretty sure that hit he took against Rutgers was concussion worthy and there was no concussion protocol.
    Please stop
    Stop what?
    I don’t like dumb posts unless they are funny or some shit.
    It wasn't dumb and wasn't meant to be funny. Browning without a doubt got a concussion against Rutgers. I don't care that he got a concussion and I don't care that he was allowed to keep playing. The point was refuting @AtomicDawg's prediction that Yankoff will get a chance to play due to Browning being in concussion protocol at some point next season. Browning will never be in concussion protocol unless he gets knocked out cold which ain't gonna happen.
    You are a fucking dumbass, man, you continue to prove it every time you post. This isn’t fucking WSU, it’s UW you moron. Fucking ridiculous to say that.
    Pull your head out of your fucking ass. This is fucking football. Every time you see a QB take the kind of hit Browning took against Rutgers with his head snapping back like that it's a fucking concussion. That is the reality.
    I’m just gonna let you keep proving yourself to be an idiot on this topic, it’s kinda fun at this point.
    What do you think happened when his head snapped back dumb ass? His brain which is basically jello smashed against the back of his skull. That's a concussion mother fucker. Petersen isn't holier than thou and pulling players himself when he sees them take a big hit.
    Yesssss, yes. Continue, let your anger flow.
    Browning had a concussion and played through it. That's football. Pussy boys like you will never understand.
    The UW team doctor literally wrote the manual for dealing with concussions on the sideline. She is at every game. The concussion protocol was implemented in the NFL because of her research and statement that you can read below. I think she would know if he had a concussion, but I already know how you will respond to this, SAD! (Good read)
    Don't care. If she had pulled Browning and UW lost to Rutgers she would have been looking for a new job the next season. She knows what time it is.
  • Re: D'Andre "DJ" Rogers, 2020 TE, Sammamish (Eastside Catholic), WA

    Reminds me of a young ASJ before he got fat.
  • Re: D.J. Johnson, 2017 7* BUCK, Miami (Da U), FL - transferring?

    Per doogman and Biggins, UW wasn't interested and he is heading to Oregon. If he turns out to be good, that's a big fuckup.
    Can anyone legitimately explain why UW wouldn't want a kid who they were heavily recruiting this time last year? Especially at a position they're struggling to recruit
    Because they prefer white JAGS like Tevis Bartlett who Alabama wouldn't even take as a walk-on.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bartlett played in the NFL.
    Lol you fucking doog. Tevis won't sniff the NFL.