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  • Re: Tyler Hilinski, dead.

    T & Ps all around. Was already gloomy after the Dolores O'Riordan news (fuck off, at least I can admit it). Makes a person realize how short and fragile this existance is.

    Live every moment like its your last. Since I'm in Bangkok I'm heading out for a rub-n-tug.
    You're going to see @SpoogeDawg?
    I have a pretty good knack for avoiding lady boys, so probably not.


    Real classy in a suicide thread...
  • Re: Mora Is Horrible, Sark is Great

    Anyone who doesn't just cut to the chase and say they both suck is salemkewgtarded.
    Ballz loves Sark though.
    Nope. Only points I made about him was that he's a highly respected OC and continues to get quality jobs even after being a drunken embarrassment and he can't be blamed for the Falcons choking because the Falcons have a history of doing so.

  • Re: Nathan Kalepo, 2019 4* OL, Seattle (Rainier Beach), WA (COMMITTED)

    Hi Nathaniel. I know you read this board. Keep up the good work recruiting kid.
  • Re: Steve Sarkisian highest paid Pac-12 coach?

    Ballzdeep let me spell it out for you before you break through this wall with your impenetrable skull.

    Baze made Mora a pie. If he had baked a cake instead it might have actually worked.
    Wouldn't surprise me. I heard Softy brought him a birthday cake.
  • Re: Steve Sarkisian highest paid Pac-12 coach?

    A lot of money for a mediocre coach. God help us.
    Sark was excellent. Just ask @BallzDeep.
    You are incredibly obsessed with me. Every time I come to this board you are posting about BallzDeep this and BallzDeep that. 1. You are so angry and salty that I found out your embarrassing secret. 2. Take my dick out your mouth. This is getting pathetic for you.
    I'm going to let you in on something. The big belly laughs about your Mora story is because you got it wrong.

    Of course a lot of us wanted him after the 2007 season. Less but a substantial number after the 08 season. Not many the time Petersen was hired and once Pete was hired it's been Mora Who?

    Now, you wanted to keep Ty so we could go 0-12 and then your well documented love affair with Sark means you wanted him in 08 and cried when he left.
    Lol love affair with Sark? I simply stated he was a good and well-respected OC in the industry as evidenced by him continuing to get job after job. I never said shit about him as a head coach dumb ass or his career at UW. @PurpleBaze went with Softy and other fans to Jim Mora Jr's house with signs and a cake on his birthday to beg him to be UW's next head coach. Unless you were there as well this ain't got shit to do with you.
    Everything has to do with me. Its the Mora cake story you have wrong. Close but wrong

    I didn't go but the whole thing was pretty cool. Because softy had nothing to do with it until he glommed on
    No, it wasn't cool. It was the rock bottom moment for the program and in retrospect, it is embarrassing for those who attended.
    Ty Willingham's hiring was the rock bottom moment for the program.

    But you loved him.
    I wasn't even a UW football fan during the Willingham era. Never watched a single game until I started playing football myself in 2009. Rock bottom was after Owen 12 when a group of fans went to Jim Mora's house to beg him to be UW's coach. Owen 12 was low. That happening after Owen 12 was slightly lower thus rock bottom.