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  • Re: Brunette Hottie of the Week

    Who wears a watch?
  • Re: Hey Quook

    Oregon's class looks like a Helfrich class. Just a bunch of trash propped up by some overrated 4-stars most of which will underwhelm in college.
    Hang yourself with your husband's sweatpants.
    The usual response when confronted with the new reality of Oregon football.
    Oregon is now a national power and is here to stay. Get used to it doog. Things change. No one gives a shit about the one year in your 128 year football history where you were good enough to be voted half a natty alongside another team you never played for the title. Win a playoff game then popoff. Play in your first title game then pop off. Until then, fuck off.
    You're a 5-8 win team now until you get a real coach. It's not 2012. National kids aren't wowed by the 11 win seasons and 4,000,000 different uniform combos.
  • Re: Dave Wyman just said "not Hawks day" on postgame show

    710 is worse than KJR in terms of homers
  • Re: Fuck Bored Selection: Willie Gone Edition

    So the fun game of the day is "Where in the World is Willie Taggart?"

    He was supposed to be in Arizona visiting Tyler Shough and then Texas visiting Miles Battle.

    Then Florida tomorrow. So tomorrow Tags is either recruiting for us in Florida or he's signing his K at FSU.
    Why would he stay at Oregon?
    There are a lot of good reasons to coach at Oregon. The better question is, why would he reject Florida State. And the answer to that for 99% of the coaches out there is, you shouldn't. The Fisher to A&M is weird, and anyone who tries to explain it with reference to A&M's resources is working too fucking hard. Texas wrote the book on having $$ and facilities and besides catching lightning in a bottle by accident with a once-in-a-career QB, they haven't done shit in most of my lifetime. A&M is second team in Texas. No hardware.

    The only reason to not go to FSU is the pressure and longevity. Nobody will ever coach there again as long as Bowden did. It'll never happen again. So you have to win and win big there.

    Oregon has expectations, but they're probably more reasonable than at FSU. Like it or not, there is no doubt in my mind that Peterman sticks at Washington until he's done coaching in large measure because he knows he can do what he's done forever there and won't be fired. OKGs, minimal embarrassing off-field issues, get to decent bowls, control the Apple Cup, beat Oregon more than they beat you, get to the CCG 3 or more times every five years ... he does all that and he's employed for life at UW. That would get him fired at FSU w/o a deep run into the playoffs.

    But from a "go big or go home" perspective, you take FSU. If you want to last a while longer, you make it work in Eugene.
    What you've long stated here is that CP basically has to mirror the DJ level of success- i.e., win the Pac 33.3333333 % of the time and keep UW at the top of the Tier II programs. FSU is a Tier I school based on the last 30 years of results, but you don't think in the current climate with Climpson and Miami being good programs again, that they shouldn't be happy winning the ACC every 3rd year? If you win today's ACC you're going to be a serious NT contender.
    True. Two comments to what you wrote:

    1. One of the keys to being successful at Montlake, in addition to being actually successful on the field, is to never speak of the program as anything but top drawer and answering only to USC. It's not in their DNA to concede anything to anybody except USC.
    But in fact, what it takes to stick here is very successful Tier II, reasonably good Tier I, performance, and run it w/o being embarrassing, and you're good to go at Washington. You have to remember, the zealots who would accept Barry Switzer-type shenanigans to win like that are mostly here on this board. There aren't enough of them. The typical Washington fan is like what you find over on that other board. The guys here are hardcore (hence the name) and basically want to go through life like this: wake up, fuck somebody, drink, watch Washington skull someone, fuck again, drink some more, and pass out. In Swaye's case, this all happens on the rez.

    2. FSU, w/o regard to Miami or Clemson, expects to compete for titles, and not ACC titles. They don't respect their own conference because they have owned it until recently. They know they can recruit with anybody, even a healthy Miami or Florida and they've won before. They're never going to be satisfied, long-term, without another title. This giddiness you see here about sliding into the Fiesta against Penn State? The FSU fan-base would be pleased with that, but not that pleased. It would still be another year in the national title drought. Washington isn't quite that unreasonable.
    Extremism @creepycoug in the defense of finding the second coming of Don James is no vice. 22 years of gross mismanagement of the Golden Goose forced the half brains into becoming zealots. But the war is over and we? won and I think almost every man (gay or straight), women, and child (hi @backthepack ) would be perfectly content with the bar set at DJ level of success.
    It's what my ultimate goal was over the past 15 years. I never considered "us" USC, Nebraska, Oklahomo, or even Texas level. We aren't blue bloods. Of course neither was FSU even 20 years ago until they won multiple natties.

    There's absolutely no reason we shouldn't own the NW, skullfuck every worthless team in this mediocre conference except for USC and maybe UCLA (if Chimp coaches them up) way more often than not, win 70-75% of our gaymes, and make Rose Bowls every 3-5 years.
  • Re: Sirmon or Yankoff

    Coeur d'Alene doesn't play against great competition, though they did play a couple of those interstate games vs. TUFF teams TBS folks love.