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  • Re: OFFICIAL [Official] National Championship Game Thread

    Honestly if Nick Saban fucking dropped dead right now I would feel nothing. Seriously this is fucking ridiculous. Everybody knows they pay players. They got players driving around brand new sports cars. Their team is littered with thugs. Every assault and rape covered up in a small town where football rules everything. A Bama player throws a punch on the field and isn't ejected and then proceeds to swing at a coach on the sideline and then is STILL allowed to play. This motherfucker Saban has done everything the sleezy way. No class. No integrity. He's proving that nice guys finish last and he has ruined college football. Fuck Saban.
    He also just told his 2 year starting quarterback to fuck off at halftime of the the natty and replaced him with an 18 year old. And fucking won

    Fuck. I wish Pete would’ve benched Jake’s ass like that after a shitshow first half. He had multiple opportunities.
    Cool he made one good in game decision. But the majority of the game he's just standing on the sideline and yelling at players when they fuck up like every other head coach. He's not a fucking coaching genius. He's a scum bag who found a place where boosters could help him recruit and crimes committed by his thug ass players would be covered up and he has fully taken advantage of that shit more than any other head coach in history. Fuck Saban! I don't respect that shit. I hope one day the shit hits the fan like it did at Baylor and they are stripped of their national titles under Saban. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills watching people suck Saban's dick. Fuck that motherfucker.
    Pretty much agree and 90% of the $EC is dirty as hell. Everything, or nearly everything is covered up, especially in small towns. It happens elsewhere *cough* Columbus *cough* Faggy Valley* cough *Austin *cough*, but not to the extent that it happens down souf. I think they should just pay the players and stop the charade of gladiators with 91 IQs having bookworms take the soc midterm.
  • Re: When Fred Durst becomes the voice of reason

    First two albums were dope. Actually, the first one was okay, and the second one was good. I just wanted to say "dope." Everything after kind of sucked with a few scattered good songs here and there.

    Jesus Christ, all this stuff happened around 20 years ago give or take. Yikes.
  • Re: OFFICIAL End of the 12 bandwagon thread

    Fuck having to root for a lowlife like Cam Newton.
  • Re: He just couldn't resist, could he?

    My cousin's friend's baby momma sed Trump said some raciss shit.
  • Re: Dave Wyman just said "not Hawks day" on postgame show

    710 is worse than KJR in terms of homers