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  • Re: Wahoo v Canes

    Da fuq? Pi
  • Re: "I thought I played decent at least"

    I'm pretty sure that black kid with the huge teeth you guys had under Sark was a much better QB than Browning, but had a way worse team around him.
    Eh, maybe, not sure.

    Jack Lockner would have you guys at 10-0 right now and he would have picked up that 4th & 21 with his feet at half speed.

    Browning is a less talented Kellen Moore, who isn't talented.
    No fucking way. Moore is the winningest QB in NCAA history. Talent, no talent, whatever, results matter.
  • Re: Been up & down this beach

    Plus I was certain #MyIrish ND was going to take care business. Hate Miami
  • Re: Happy TYFYS Day

    People forget that Veterans Day is on the 11th.

    Remember the fallen soldiers then.
    @reedstrong7 Hey Reed! What seems to be the issue you're having today? ~GS
  • Re: Tyree Wilson, 3* 2018 BUCK, New London (West Rusk), TX

    I've been saying this for awhile. No big secret or nothin' ... but I think that high end prospects aren't that enamoured with:

    - gap integrity
    - containment
    - funneling the qb and offense through the middle/lanes
    - reducing qb performance variance, making the offense predictable

    If you try to sell that shit to recruits they're like "yeah ... okay ... can't I just rush the passer?"

    Yeah, the team success sells ... seeing Vea and Gaines and the rest do well ... sells ... seeing Ryan Bowman, Mr redshirt Freshman getting a highlight sack of Burmeister helps to sell too.

    But this takes time ... us Doogs (and I mean, everyone here at HH lol) think that recent success and even promise of future success means that defensive prospects should fall into our laps ... it's gonna take time. Like multiple successful years and recruiting cycles. That hasn't happened yet.

    Again, I mentioned before that the defensive coach for the Falcons Chuck Smith who does developmental work - worked with Qualls during the preseason and had some interesting things to say about him and UW's system.

    [b]On Elijah Qualls:
    This cat is the most underrated defensive lineman I’ve trained in a long time. He’s a guy that could have been used differently.

    He has explosive power and will wreck shop in the Eagles defensive scheme. He’s a pass rusher, but it’s hard when you’re forced to be a 335-pound two-gapper.

    He’s a beast. We worked on some moves, and he’s not the same guy that left the University of Washington. Qualls is going to make noise in that camp. People are going to be shocked at how he wrecks people in camp and the preseason games. He’s ready and he’ll be a shock of the camp.[/b]

    So, whatever you say about how Qualls is doing or if he's doing well this year or not ... the comments from Smith highlight what recruits are getting educated and sold on.

    "yeah! we'll let you loose and you'll get to drive the qb into the ground! Like a crazed dawg!"


    "your responsibility is to control the middle, if you see anyone going outside funnel them back in, take up your blockers and hold them ... and make a play or hold them until we gang tackle them ... over the long course of a game we'll have the upper hand and win more often than not as long as everyone plays to their responsibilities"

    Which sounds better to a 16-17 year old?
    Kids are stupid
    Hurts BTP IMO.