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  • PM to Dawgman staff

    I CAN’T it anymore. I have lurked around your parts during your lord and savior Tyrone willingham and 2nd coming of bark for Sark but I haven’t been there since Petersen was hired and I’ve lurked around these unshaven parts and eventually made a screen name. I’ve tried, oh boy I’ve FUCKING tried not to donate to this site because I’m a born and raised again Christian and I do have standards but this SHIT I read on the croot board is too much for me to handle and you might be the sweaty man sauna that just likes to laugh and have a good time even when a top recruit leaves but NOT here. NOT now. NOT at a time like this. So you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna put this here $100 bill in an envelope and send it to Stalin himself. YOU’VE DONE FUCKING DONE IT AND IM DONATING TO MOS EISELY. I hope this makes you angry and I revel in the fact you can’t WTF it or mark it because it’s hard to get into this site, it has fucking standards. (FYI Derrick I am putting my $100 to security for your site). It will be like adding a 5 Star croot to the front doors of the club that GRONK would throw you out of anyways! No more DDS attacks on this server, the only DD we need ends in a Y and his crystobal skills are far superior to yours and they deserve my $10.95 a month when I wasn’t even paying for it. That’s why my $100 is going to help keep this site up. FUCK OFF!
  • Re: Dawgman

    It’s kind of like politics, when someone swings too far left or right the public corrects it by going way too far in the opposite direction. That’s how degenerate boards like this are created.
  • Re: Close the gates already, DJ (ILTCYDJILTDT)

    I don't think I have had any prob with anyone here except yo ass..I get abuse, wtf's, troll, all that shit and be truthful I am not a NW guy But I do enjoy and contribute..drink a little much and get blasted, and it's deserved the criticism the next day...but I ain't left,,,but yo ass has wtf, trolled, all that shit every post, even if the ones that commented said chin u wanna wtf. Wassup
    I think if you put that through a universal translator, it would come back "Go Cuogs!"

  • Re: Cuogs Whole receiving unit sells sectional.

    WSU dismissed him for a violation of team rules, but he claims that he asked to be released, which in turn lead to his dismissal. It's always a great day to be a Coug.
    * former cuog
    And multi year Apple cup participant.
  • Re: Julius Irvin, 4* 2018 DB, Anaheim (Servite), CA (Offered)

    My? Crystoball ended up at Oregon so I too do not want to crystal ball anyone.