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  • Re: FBI Secret Society

    Speaking of deep state - when does The Americans start up again?. Need me some Keri Russell tush.
  • Who?.gif

    The bitch is pissed because she chose to work essentially for free?!?

    Forgive me but WTF is Michelle Williams? People ain't buying tickets to see Michelle fucking Williams. Marky Mark forevah!!!

    * A quick google search shows she does have a nice portfolio of nude scenes, so maybe she is worth a couple more bucks.

  • Re: Georgia

    HRYK - Kim Basinger is from Georgia.

    And I'll take the flag - but google video search her fine work in The Getaway or the ice cube scene in 9 1/2 Weeks if there's any question.
  • Re: Baabs, you watch me out with my nephew

    Imaginary people can be as jacked as you want

    I just want to know what the missionaries to Korea told those folks about Jesus

    Sure he tipped some tables over in the temple but man
    He was from Asia after all

    If you think about it, this makes the most sense.

    If you take the core principles from Judaism and Buddhism, blend them together and adjust slightly, you end up with Christianity.

    Where do you think Jesus was during his lost years? He was in India learning Buddhism and smoking a mass weed.
    The Throbber's ex had a theory that the Almighty took the various religions of the world and planted them around the planet on purpose so us dumbfucks would eventually figure out the common ground and get along together.

  • Re: petersen and tennessee rumors are back

    How is it bizarre?
    because Petersen went from interested to not interested before the program became an absolute shitshow, now he's back to being interested again?

    maybe you're right and it is because of fulmer
    A bunch of coordinators and Chris Petersen. Sounds legit.
    I'm going to first go out on a limb and say you're either in your early 20s or just poorly educated based off your choice of grammar and your lack of knowledge in general.

    Tennessee went 13-0 and beat FSU for the first BCS title in 98, the year after Manning with a QB named Tee Martin. Tennessee is also the 2nd most profitable program in the country only behind Texas due in large part to it being a national brand unlike Washington in which is a regional brand. Tennessee, Knoxville in general is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. Tennessee is a wonderful place to live and I hate to tell you but Chris Petersen does have ties here.

    Like it our not, Currie was in Seattle last Tuesday and he was not at UTs game vs Vandy last night. Currie was in Seattle again yesterday and is set to return sometime this morning. Chris Petersen will be announced as the new coach at UT this afternoon.

    But I wish you all the best, do yourself a favor and work on cleaning up your language and personal attacks it makes you look so small.
    Without language and personal attacks, this is just Cuogfan.

    so fuck off, looser.