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  • Re: Nice -some old fashioned power and sex action

    Clearly not her fault. She shouldn't resign.
    Her apology was actually really good.

    Too bad more men don't man up like her when they make 'mistakes'. Instead they cower.

  • Re: Rainier Beach / Garfield fallout poses threat to UW future

    I saw a white lady walking down the street in the snow carrying groceries. She dropped a watermelon, and tried to bend down to pick it up and fell on her ass. Clearly this was a metaphor for what is currently taking place, and Peterman should not worry about the watermelon, and just move on.
    Let's not be so hasty. Watermelon is goddamned delicious. Peterman should step and fetch it.

  • Re: Tyler Hilinski, dead.

    The faux outrage is cute, coming from a bunch of boners who tell everyone to kill themselves every single day.
    That's not faux outrage. This is a legitimate real life issue and has affected me and many other people. Most of the shit on here is funny but making fun of someone who committed suicide is over the line for me. Too far.
    Was making fun of doogs, not him. Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?
    You used him as your punchline. Take the loss, edit the comment, and move on. Don't make light of suicide in any way.
    Fuck off. The guy was a dickhead for doing that to his family. And I can say that, because I personally know someone who did that. It takes a selfish motherfucker to do that generally.
    You need to fuck off. Suicide is not a joke. I know people who have been in that situation. They're not selfish. Jackasses like you are the reason they go there. It's a dark place. You can call it selfish, but you have to understand that they feel that same burn. They're ashamed that that's the choice they feel they have to make. Quit talking like you've been there, done that. Have some fucking empathy. I have friends who have been there and they were the nicest, most selfless people you've ever met. You just don't get it. They feel there is no way out, and they aren't getting taught anything about it. It's hard to get help. People are ashamed. They're basically in a lose-lose situation. Go one way and it just makes it worse, go the other and the same thing happens. There's a reason suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among teens. Please quit being a dick and have some empathy. Please.
    In his dickish way, what I think OBK is trying to say is that suicide among the young is at epidemic proportions - and perhaps the way society currently views it and is combating it isn't working.

    I am not quite as old as @RaceBannon but, in my youth, I honestly do not recall ANY young person taking their own life though I know it happened very rarely. Over the course of the last couple years, I can count multiple occurrences in which acquaintances were touched by suicide.

    I can empathize with the mindset of the deceased - but can't condone the act or somehow hold up the victim as heroic. You said it yourself - "there's a reason suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among teens". Whatever that reason may be, 'talk to someone' or "call 1-800..." doesn't work and needs examination as to why this is now a somewhat accepted method of solving one's problems.

  • Re: Well, the Throbber is convinced

    Just because they are dressed like sluts doesn't mean they want to be treated like sluts.

    Well they do, just when and where they want.
    I'm fine with the whole #metoo bullshit - but I also reserve the right to call them bitches and sluts when they don their fuck-me garb, rub their tits all up against a dude, playfully touch their arm and laugh, then allow said dude to buy drinks all night...and then they bail to be with their friend who is "upset".

    Hypothetically, I mean.

    I miss the 80's when fucking the new girl on the copy machine was part of job training.

  • Well, the Throbber is convinced

    Because nothing says "take me seriously and don't flash those fuck me eyes" like necklines that plunge to the navel, no undies and, well, tits.