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  • Re: Guns or Liberty?

    The solution seems pretty simple to me.

    Metal detectors at all schools. We are sadly subjected to them at sporting events, airports, government buildings, etc.

    It's not a perfect solution but for those shouting 'do something', it is certainly low hanging fruit. It's not going to deter something like the DC Sniper(s) who picked people off at a distance. But certainly within the walls of the school building, the kids are safe.

    Instead we dick around discussing the degree of which guns should and shouldn't be banned.
  • Re: Global crisis

    Tequila sucks anyway. I've never liked it.
    First, they came for Tequila and no one said a word. What happens when they come for your Whiskey?
    There's still vodka.
  • Re: Guns or Liberty?

    Seems to me, these attacks are over in a matter of a few minutes. Without armed support in the schools themselves, or the threat a school “ could” have armed support ( as compared with a badge proudly proclaiming THIS school is unprotected) not sure what the detectors would accomplish.

    How about a badge proudly warning: THIS school has Trained Marshall’s on site who MAY be armed.
    Well, if the fuckers can't get the guns in the schools, it's kind of hard to shoot up the fucking school, don't you think?

    The obvious question is how do you implement in such a way that the metal detectors actually prevent someone who is packing from just pulling the gun out and saying "let me through the detectors or I shoot"? I suppose there's a way that if there's a metal detector breach at some sort of pre school entrance then it locks down the school automatically but that's some serious technological infrastructure to add, which brings us back to funding. Also makes it feel like you're dropping your kids off at prison everyday, but yeah.

    I think we'll chinevitably end up there, just not sure how soon.

    And once schools are off the top of the "shoot up the world" list I assume these fuckers will move on to the next chinstitution. Churches? Chinstitutions of Higher Discussion, er Learning?

    Fixing the school problem is important, but probably just a bandaid.
    I'm more about 'doing something' than perpetually wringing our hands. The same shit that was in place in 1983 is still in place today. Save maybe some bump-stock laws. Woo-hoo. Awesome work.

    Every high school in this country could ax one administrator and pay for a metal detector. EVERY FUCKING ONE OF THEM.

    If somebody has a better idea on what to do RIGHT NOW - fire away (no pun intended). But we (?) will continue to dick around and do nothing and more kids will get shot at every single week.

    EIGHTEEN shootings in 6 weeks so far this year.

  • Re: First and Sad...

    don't see how something like this can happen in a drug free and gun free zone. the kid probly didn't take his anti-depressants or he took too many...
    THIS is the issue. We bitch and moan about gun control - but, honestly, how many of these fucks have serious mental issues that we(?) have been shamed into pitying and handling with kid gloves?

    Some of these fucks needs lobotomized or institutionalized. I don't have the answer for who decides or how that happens - but extracting these poor tormented souls from the general populace certainly would decrease this kind of shit from happening.

  • Re: Jordan Peterson's reaction to Cathy Newman ambush

    LOL... Amazingly out of context but very funny. Made even more funny because that does not summarize him.
    for sure but it did a good job of making him an evil sob.
    Just watched this. That motherfucker is incredible.