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  • Re: Comic writer thinks the Greatest Generation was nothing speshial

    All that being said the generations that followed us suck
  • Re: Comic writer thinks the Greatest Generation was nothing speshial

    If you're reading this

    Thank a boomer

  • Re: Bannon - Russia nothingburger was treasonous

    It still is. HTH

    Here's the real story about to break

    But now a new story is about to bust open, involving Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Nunes sent a letter Thursday to the Justice Department demanding compliance by Wednesday with the subpoenas his committee issued for information on how the department and its FBI subsidiary have handled the Russia probe.

    If the Justice Department stonewalls, the House could launch contempt proceedings or even vote to declassify and release some of the documents.

    Nunes didn’t mince words in his letter. Noting the four months of stonewalling he’s gotten, he concluded that “at this point it seems the DOJ (Justice Department) and FBI need to be investigating themselves.”

    Nunes documented a series of evasive maneuvers by the Justice Department. As a result of these maneuvers, documents and witnesses subpoenaed by his committee last August have still not been produced. Most relate to the dossier of unverified alleged connections – some financial and some salacious – between Donald Trump and Russia, compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

    The dossier was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign. But it attracted the attention of the FBI, which dispatched three agents to interview Steele in Rome. The FBI even planned a few weeks before the 2016 election to pay Steele to continue his work.

    Nunes wants to know if the FBI went further and caused the Steele dossier to be used as a justification for warrants to engage in the surveillance of Trump campaign figures before the election. The congressman’s letter raises the intriguing question: are there two forms of possible collusion from the 2016 campaign that need to investigated?
  • PM to Swaye

    I'm sitting in my swanky Fleenor seat at the game Saturday when to my right appears a platinum trashy blonde with her hipster duechbag boyfriend about to sit on my right side.

    She takes off her ASU hoodie to reveal a tat sleeve on her right arm clearly visible because she is wearing a white wife beater and black yoga pants and has the body to pull it off. I think of all the stories here about ASU co eds. Her boyfriend is a dueche bag if I didn't mention that. Even at my advanced age I could have pounded him.

    Then they started rooting hard for Penn State. And she was drunk at 2 in the afternoon.

    So anyway the game begins and the torture chamber of watching Browning is usually bad enough but adding in our innovative 3rd down defense and I'm thinking about getting out of there at halftime.

    I did notice that the blonde knew football and could talk intelligently about it. I was slightly aroused which at my age is common.

    We? make the interception and as we're watching the replay she says he's out. At that point I say, his back foot was dragging before the other one hit. She turned to me and said, you're right, his back foot dragged. Sparks were flying now.

    Then Browning gets hit late and she yells - well I guess they needed the help. I looked at her and said "hell yes we need the help have you been watching us?" Then I yelled - hit him again harder!

    She laughed and at that point I could have swept her back to my room leaving her boyfriend in tears.

    But I'm not you so I didn't. Keep giving us the vicarious life we deserve and Happy New Year noble savage. May the buffalo come to your tribe this summer.
  • Laker Talk

    Ball to Ingram 3 pointer game over.