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  • Re: The Lesson of Woodstock

    After the game the Pirate said it was like Woodstock except that everyone still had their clothes on. People tend to forget that the best bands of the era did not play at Woodstock. Chew on that for a minute.
    Did you get smacked in the skull with an oar ?

    Jimi played...and I still youtube Jefferson Airplane at Woidstick to watch Grace

    Who (besides HH members) cares if a bunch of Brit fags didn't play ?
    No, but I was in the Skull and Oars secret society. Listen here hillbilly, the Stones did their own Woodstock on the west side which wasn't a bunch of peace and love bull shit. It was tuff, complete with Hell's Angels punching Grace Slick's guitar player in the face. Oh and Dylan didn't play at Woodstock either.'s not like Nashville Skyline sucked.
    Dylan is trash. Possibly the most overrated musician of all time.
  • Re: Budda Baker's new website

    this belongs on NFL board. Love budda, but he is dead to us. Team Rapp
    I always kind of hated you, but now I'm sure I hate you. Nothing worse than a guy who only follows college ball. You might as well follow Central or PLU like @ApostleofGrief.
  • Re: Miss Brittany on Last Chance U

    That show sucks. Made it through one episode and stopped watching.
  • Re: Your Favorite (Nothing) Butt Rock Group or Solo Artist?

    None of the options are butt rock. Creed, Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd. Those are butt rock bands.
  • Re: Best Seattle 90s group

    Despite being in HS during the peak years of the Seattle grunge era, this a rock and roll debate where I am not very emotionally invested. When you're a kid with limited disposable income, buying the cassettes and CD's of these groups just wasn't as high of a priority as getting all the Stones, Zep, Hendrix, Doors, Floyd, albums, so I just kind of skipped over this period of music. But I didn't grow up in WA either so I think that's part of it as well. In hindsight, I think there was a lot of quality music here, some of which holds up pretty well 25 years later, especially In Utero, MTV Live and Vitalogy. I think No Code while have a good amount of filler, has a few killer trackers.
    It's sacrilege to "real" music lovers, but 90's rock > 70's.