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  • Re: Sam Huard, 2021 QB, Burien (Kennedy)

    13+ minutes of sweet, sweet bliss... just posted, haven’t watched yet. Enjoy with me!
    Turned it off after watching two minutes and fully coming to the realization that I was watching highlights of a 15 year old. That being said he looked fantastic. Hearing 2024 will be special.
    isnt he 14? anyways, his OL is fucking solid saw few plays where he had presure. most of the time he had all fucking day to throw. Jake Browning 2.0 untill i see him in more pressure situations. Good prospect

    This kid is fucking amazing. I would take him over Jake literally now.
    Jake Sirmon? I would take Huard over him too.
  • Re: Budda Baker's new website

    I don't really doog out about UW players once they reach the NFL. It's cool when they do well I guess.

    I knew Locker was a shitty pick. No good NFL QB ever went 4-20 and multiple games under 100 yards their senior year.

    I knew Shelton was picked too high. Picking a two down, slightly above average NT with pick #11 is fucking stupid. He can play in the NFL, but he's no difference maker.

    I loved Kikaha. One of my favorites. I hope he breaks out. The Saints suck on defense though.

    Shaq will play awhile, but was a better RB.

    Kearse sucks, but he's made some of the biggest catches in Seahawks history.

    I was surprised Sankey fizzled out so quick.

    ASJ could be good, but he will hit the bottle again and probably wash out in the next year or two.

    I think all four UW players picked in the first two rounds will be good if they stay healthy.

    Budda will probably be best. I've never seen a safety so good at blitzing and avoiding blocks. Arizona is a good team for him too.
    What you are saying all makes sense... but then you remember John Timu is still playing for the Bears somehow and logic kinda all goes out the window.
    I attended a Lions-Bears game where Timu tackled Dwayne Washington. I couldn't get over it.
  • Re: Dylan Morris, 4* 2019 QB, Graham (Graham-Kapowsin), WA (COMMITTED)

    Lol Nick Harris lasted for like half a second that play. God I hope Bainivalu is a Freshman All-American at LG.
    It was an assignment error or wrong protection called. Notice McGary blocks nobody?
    If that's your takeaway you are more of an idiot than I give you credit for
    The LB blitzing comes in untouched.
    Over the RG
    What gap is that Tequilla? Quick, look it up.
  • Re: For those who claim LBJ is #2 all time

    Easily #2. I don't think some realize how good you have to be to put up a line like 31-11-9 and still be criticized.
    So your argument is looking at stats ...

    If that was the case then how is anybody but Wilt #1?
    Because I said so.
  • Re: Rashard Lewis and I are chuckling at the memory of

    Durant moving to Seattle with his mommy.

    Rashard thought that was soft.
    Getting carried to a ring is soft.
    He might have gotten carried to the FInals but he ain't getting carried to the ring. Only the third player ever to have 25+ in his first 8 finals games.

    He's averaging 34 points, 10 boards and 6 assists in the finals, and when they finally had a close game he was the one hitting big shots.

    I like Curry better and would rather have him as MVP but KD's emerging as the Alpha this series. Gotta recognize greatness when you see it. KD's been great.
    What a fucking game. I can't help but feel sad that Durant isn't on another team than the Warriors. These guys are playing at a historic level.

    Save the LeBron hate. He just needs another guy and it's bullshit to pretend like that is his fault. This Warrior team with Durant makes me want to say some hyperbolic shit.