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  • Re: Oregon Gets Cristoballed


    This hire is only a failure if Mullens doesn't have the stones to pull the trigger on firing Cristobal in 2 years if this isn't panning out (which is very possible since Mullens is a huge pussy). In 2 years, there will be way better outside options available (the next Matt Campbell or maybe even actual Matt Campbell once he realizes that Iowa State has a very finite ceiling).

    Not thrilled, but there's really no options out there. I prefer giving Cristobal 2 years and seeing what he can do, while pulling in good classes, over giving Leach/Sumlin/Wilcox 4 years and then starting from ground zero in 2022. But once again, this will all come down to how short of a leash Mullens is going to give him and the program.

    “There’s a very real chance we suck for two years and will have to fire Cristobal, but LIPO.”

    There isn’t nothing to play out. You aren’t winning championships under Cristobal. I get that 8 and 9 win seasons are fine for Quooks, but you recently finished a run where you made two natties and mostly dominated the PAC 10/12. The program is crashing and burning before your eyes.
  • Re: Tommy Togiai, 4* 2018 DT, Pocatello (Highland), ID (Offered)

    How do I know Togiai isn't going to UW? Well, Ruth reported that Malloe went out to dinner with the family on his visit.

    The restaurant?

    Rhymes with 'ChapelTrees'
    Why the fuck did they not go to Benihana or some shit?

    I think he thought that because there's a certain fruit in the name of both that restaurant and in a certain rivalry game title, it would be speeshal.

    After all, this is the guy who brought us DWAGS
    It's Pocatello, Applebees is fine dining.
    Applebees is the shit.
  • Re: Richard "Fig" Newton, 3* 2018 RB, Palmdale, CA (COMMITTED)

    Don’t give a shit about this guy, but there are a ton of good RB’s. We took JAG who looks to have the frame to be an everydown guy.

    We have had good RB’s since Sark. Most the teams in the PAC 12 have at least one good RB. Even shit teams like Oregon, Oregon State, and ASU.

    It’s an important position, but it’s not.
  • Re: Skinny come home

    If you want a reject SEC QB, you deserve another @Owen12
    This schtick is so old. For fuck's sake man. Please be funny at least, man.
    Feel free to show me one good SEC transfer QB from the last decade.
    Cam Newton. Possibly the best college QB the last 25 years.
  • Re: Chip to Florida (my guess)

    Scott Frost.

    Someone is going to drop a dump truck load of money on Chip Kelly and find themselves somewhere between Jim Harbaugh ~ Charlie Weis oh-what-the-fuck-have-we-done nightmare. I hope it's UCLA.

    Chip Kelly's time has passed.

    This. Chip doesn’t strike me as a guy that gives a fuck like Saban. Chip has millions in the bank and a dated system. He’s not going to be the same coach.