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  • Re: Your Favorite (Nothing) Butt Rock Group or Solo Artist?

    None of the options are butt rock. Creed, Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd. Those are butt rock bands.
    YRYK, the bands you list here are amongst the options in the googles. The OP's list strikes me as a list of pop and prog rock bands, butt by some definitions they could be "butt rock". Rock
  • Re: Special Ed Wants To Raise Taxes AGAIN

    He already gave City Union Employees 12 weeks time off if they have a newborn to secure their votes in November (cost of roughly $3 million) but this takes the cake. He also has a "Homeless Czar" making $137,000 in salary alone.

    How does he not realize that all of this money for the homeless encourages more homeless to move here? If you build it, they will come:
    You think someone is overpaid at $137k a year? You sound poor.
    Depends on what they're doing. IMO, that's way too much for a parasitic city government tool, especially since I'm sure that most of that salary will follow him/her/whatever the proper pronoun of the day is, in the form of a pension until death. But if the people of Seattle are okay with it, more power to them, they're free to burn as much money as they want. If enough rational people decide to LEAVE then maybe the city will have to curb its spending, or not, city government defaults aren't a new thing.
  • Re: Democrats are the party of the Ku Klux Klan

    Keep deflecting. The democrats just made the decision to purchase black votes with our tax dollars in 1964. Thanks Lyndon.
    Federal government spends money on 3 things basically, Medicare, Social Security and Defense. Everything else is chicken shit compared to these. LBJ's great society legislation - of which Medicare is by far the largest expenditure to this day - wasn't enacted until 1965. I don't think the Civil Rights Act of 1964 cost the tax payers very much. As someone under 40, I'm a lot more worried about the Medical Establishment treating old white people robbing me blind through Medicare - i.e., generational transfer of wealth - than I am about some amount of welfare going to poor black people. How many old white Trump voters what to keep the "Goverment's Hands" off their Medicare?
    Fixed and eliminated gratuitous racism that suggests blacks don't work and pay Medicare taxes, just like whites.
    Agree on medical industrial complex robbing us. But I think you're missing my point about old white people hypocrisy- i.e., the stereotype of an old white person bitching about minorities getting a handout, when in fact huge transfer payments occur through Medicare. The cost the federal government pays for our medical care when are old - regardless of your race - far exceeds what most ever paid in via Medicare taxes. And, yes, of course, anyone that works, whether they are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, et al, pays into Medicare.
    Great talking in circle post.

    Just say I've been ingrained to be self loathing privileged white male and feel as if the only reparation I can make is to dive into a big vat of boiling grease
    You're both good poasters but the coog is right on this. White guilt leads to a fuck ton of fucktardedness.
  • Re: Bikers for Trump

    Sounds gay.
    Wrong president.

    Bikers for Trump:


    Bikers for Obama:

  • Re: Playtime is over

    Independence from what?
    Wrong. King.