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  • Re: The One Flaw in the Willie Gator Theory

    Bellotti won the Fiesta Bowel, owns 4 10-win seasons, 2 conference titles and beat the best UW team since the 1991 squad.

    I know it's fun to call him "Mediocre Mike" around here, but he'd be either the best or second best coach in the league if he were coaching in the PAC now.

    He's mediocre compared to Kelly, but so is everyone else in this league and most of college football save Saban or Urbz.
    1 outright conference championship and 1/3 of a conference championship in 14 years on the job (11 of those 14 years in a ten team conference) makes him nothing but mediocre.

    1 top 5 finish in 14 years on the job makes him nothing but mediocre.

    1 meaningful bowel win in 14 years makes him nothing but mediocre.

    A worse conference winning percentage than Jim Lambright makes him nothing but mediocre.

    He's mediocre Mike because he was mediocre.

    Best coach in the conference if he was coaching today my ass.

    Your better than this.
    To me "Mediocre" is a C. "Good" is a B, and "Excellent" is an A.

    Coaching in the league kind of sucks right now. There's no Carrolls, Harbaughs, un-burned out Tedfords, kings of Poop Island, or good Dennis Ericksons right now.

    Bellotti was a B coach with a couple of B+ years. He got good results from the talent he had, usually overperformed his recruiting, and learned from his mistakes.

    At major conference programs, Bellotti and Peterman have averaged about 9 wins per season, and Bellotti did it with one fewer game than Peterman, for the most part.

    Bellotti had one losing record in 14 seasons at a program that had finished below .500 in 18 of the previous 30 years before he became head coach.

    And Peterman's finished top 25 7 times, same as Iron Mike, over roughly the same amount of tim.

    So who in the league would be better? Peterman? Shaw? the Pirate?

    Peterman and Shaw are probably better than Iron Mike but not be a super-wide margin, and Shaw is Shaw. We're going to see what Peterman is really made of over the next 2-3 years.
    Holy quook alert. Pete has a better winning percentage "at major programs" despite winning the same amount of games per year and getting an extra game.

    Your narrative sucks harder than your maff.

    Oh and they both coached before they were at a major program and Pete > Bellotti there.

    If you really think the average of Pete's first four years at UW is the average of what he'll accomplish at UW then sure, he's about Bellotti's level of a mediocre coach.


    UW Pete has as many top 5 finishes as Bellotti did in 11 less years.

    UW Pete has as many outright conference titles as Bellotti did in 11 years.

    Overall Pete has more BCS wins than Bellotti did in two less years (and that's just counting Bellotti at Oregon).

    Only a Quook would look at their resumes and say they're on the same level.

    Once again, your better than this.
    No, no he's not
  • Re: This is a GOOD Washington team

    Lol at the Pac11. Doesn't matter who wins the league the losers say they suck

    Oregon fans heard it during their run. The league is down

    Win the pac12 and see what happens

    This is a GOOD Washington team regardless.

    As good as most of the past champs and better than some. James won the league at 7-4 for goodness sake
    Agree and disagree. Some of the criticism is warranted. It's been well over a decade since the PAC had a nationally dominant team and a legitimate National Champion. ACC, B1G and SEC have been better at the top and arguably somewhat better top to bottom. That said, there have been, and are, some decent teams in the conference.

    This is a GOOD Washington team. I agree with that. They're not quite Carroll's fighting Trojans or James' vicious Dawgs, but they are GOOD. And they're very well coached. The second half adjustments smack of top level coaching the likes of which the conference hasn't seen since Carroll. The complete disappearance of blowout losses also smacks of top level coaching and discipline. The defense is playing at a championship level and, at times, the offense seems more than capable. The next man up thing has been surprisingly impressive as well. Player development under Peterman is real.

    James did win the league at 7-4, true, but that took some help from other teams, and be honest, that team was a hellavu lot better than that record. Throw arrows at that statement, I know it sounds doggish, but it's true. When they pulled their heads out of their collective asses and started playing real football, they were surprisingly good, and they proved it by knocking off the number 4 team in the country in the Rose Bowl in impressive fashion. Oh, and by the way, James, Robinson, Walsh and Donahue were coaches in the league then. It was way stronger and less diluted than today. For goodness sake.
  • Re: Yer Favorite UW Alumni Singing "Bow Down" on the Husky Stadium Jumbotron

    Poll invalid without Ted Bundy.

    People forget he was a Husky. People forget that.
    He would have a hard time singing, being dead and all.
  • Re: Chip to Florida (my guess)

    Seems like chip has an actual proven (atleast in college) system. Would be interesting to see if that system works with that talent in that conference.
    System's don't last long in that conference. Urban Meyer's sudden illness was from a realization that his schtick was up. The whole getting past Saban thing combined with very high expectations meant door.ass.out sooner than later.
  • Re: Here's a Russian we can all get behind

    Russian women are super hot, some of the hottest in the world, but they have a shorter shelf life as mentioned, and tend turn into babushkas too quickly.
    Over 30 is over 30 no matter the ethnicity
    Son, the real fun begins at 30.